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Comment if I missed something! Discover music together!
AOA made their comeback with "Good Luck" which continues their sexy image concept and is an outdoor theme. The song is very repetitive and catchy similar to their previous songs.
A group called Agirls released "UHOO" this week and I must say it is definitely not categorized as mainstream, the chorus has an indescribably strange feel. This song is also on outdoor theme.
Jessica Jung has finally made a comeback in the music scene. When I first heard the teaser for "Fly" I wasn't sure if it would be a nice song but it is unlike my previous expectations. It is a very whimsical song featuring American rapper Fabolous.
Jessica also released "Love Me The Same" in the same week. The song is a ballad song that is very different from "Fly". The song is expected to be emotional, as are most ballad songs.
Monsta X released "All In" this week and it is a very fast-paced song, as is their others. The song is reminiscent of EDM music heavily influenced with hip-hop. This comeback has more of a storyline than their previous comebacks.
Amber has made a digital single ft. Gen Neo called "On My Own". Amber has a way of singing extremely emotional ballads and this song is no exception to this fact. Her voice also pairs beautifully with the voice of singer Gen Neo.
*English version can be found on Amber's youtube account "amberliumusic"
Girl Group New-A has made a debut with the song "Soldier". The song has a very classic feeling and the girls add color to the song and to the music video.
Monika from the group Badkiz has released "Goodbye" ft. Moos of Madtown. The song has a nice jazz vibe and Moos complements the song with his rapping.
SM Station release from The Grace's Dana called "Touch You". The song is a faster moving ballad song that reaches climax points in the chorus sections.
Solo artist Heyne released "Love Cells" this week. The song has a childlike vacation feeling with bright tempo and vocals.
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Love Monsta X's new song
VAV's Brotherhood is good
@JaxomB Same! I adore "Ex Girl" as well, wish there was a video.