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Today was going to be a great day. I had finally made it to Sweden. Ever since I saw BTS Now2 I've wanted to visit the places they did. Like a mini bts tour of the places they went. I had come with my best friend because she didn't like the idea of me going alone. We had seen a few places over the few days. We were trying to find a place to eat when we heard screams. We looked towards the crowd that was growing and slowly inched closer. We were a little closer but stopped when we saw them. It was BTS. I knew they were here but I didn't think we'd see them. I turned towards my friend. "Am I dreaming?" "No (y/n) you aren't they really are there." I squealed but didn't move. They were trying to get out of a cafe but the fans wouldn't leave them alone. I felt pissed. "Why can't they leave them alone? They are on vacation." "It's the life of a celebrity" my friend said. "Who cares they are humans who deserve to be left alone on there private time. This is like what happened to Tae when he was with his family." "(y/n) calm down." "No this isn't ok....I can't even do anything to help them. I'm useless. Let's go." I turned around and walked away from the group. I was a hardcore BTS fan but I was not going to be lumped in with that crowd. We had walked a good distance before my friend stopped. "Oh my god they are chasing them now." my friend said and I turned to see she was right. Some ran off one way which by the pink clothes I could only guess one of them was Jin. The others ran off another direction. "We gotta help them." She said looking at me. "We don't even know our way around how can we help?" "We can do our best." She took off one direction and I followed. I didn't want to be lumped in with these crazy fans but I had to do something even if they never knew. "Omg BTS!!!" my friend screamed and started running a different direction and a bunch of girls followed her. Not all of them so I went opposite. This city is hard to figure out if you don't live here. I turned down a street and saw Tae running alone. Why was he by himself. There were several girls still running behind him. I looked around. I had a few seconds to pull him and get him into the door around the corner. I only thought of Taes safety. He started to run past me and I grabbed him and pulled him hard my direction and then quickly pulled him through the door. I shoved him through the door and shut it quickly and pushed him up against the wall. The door was see through so if the girls looked in we'd be screwed so I put my scarf around him to cover his face. He looked pissed. I was scared. Tae never looks like that. I took a step back from him. I was too close to him and that wasn't ok. "Im..I'm sorry" I said looking down at the ground. "What the hell is wrong with you people!" He screamed. I looked at him. "I...." "We are on a damn vacation and you guys can't let us be!" "Tae...I..." "No this isn't acceptable you aren't a true fan if you can't let us live." "Will you just..." "If all of our fans are crazy like you bunch I don't want you as fans!" I was on the verge of tears. I wasn't like those girls I wasn't I was trying to help. "Tae please listen..." "No." He started to move to leave I grabbed his wrist to stop him and he ripped it away. "Would you fucking listen to me! I'm not like those girls out there I was trying to save you!" I screamed and he just stared at me. "Yes I'm a huge fan but I respect your private time. I didn't want to bother you but we saw you guys getting chased and we had to do something. We would feel like shit if we didn't try to help out." "Where did he go!" We heard and he froze. I quickly pulled him back to where I had him before and leaned close to him trying to cover his face. "I promise you. I'm not like them and I'm only helping you. I'll leave you once your safe ok. Just let me save you ok?" He still seemed pissed off. "Fine." "Dammit let's go he's not here anymore." I let out my breath. And moved away from him and walked to the door. "Stay here I'll check to see if it's clear." I didn't wait for a response. I walked out the door and looked one direction. No one. I walked the way we came from and walked into and girl. "Oh I'm sorry." I said backing up. "It's ok...Hey have you seen a boy around here?" "No..." "Where did you come from?" She asked "Seoul" "So you know of BTS?" "Yes." "Did you know they are here? We were following them and a few girls and I were following Tae and we lost him." "I did know they were in Sweden but here?!" I was playing it up. "Yea!" She was excited "Why are you guys chasing them though aren't they on vacation?" "Well yea but when will we be able to see them this close again." "You know that's a shitty reason. Just leave them alone." I walked past her to see if there were any other girls but they were up a few feet. She pushed past me and went to meet up with the girls. "I'm going to get close enough to them I can touch them." She said and then that was it. I watched them till they turned down the street. Ok now time to get Tae out of here. I walked back over to the door and snuck in. He was on the ground curled into a ball. "Tae....let's go they are gone." He looked at me and stood up. "Thank you." He said before moving towards me. "No we need to get you out of here before those stupid girls come back. Do you wanna call the guys to see if they are safe? Where should I get you too?" He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Hyung...yea I'm fine....are you guys? This is crazy.....Where are you guys? Ok Yea I'll get there safe I have a guide. No she helped me hide from the ones chasing me. Ok bye." He hung up. "So they are safe too?" I asked looking into his eyes. Man there was a reason I liked him and his eyes were one of the reasons. "Yea. They all got to the hotel they were worried since I got separated from them." He put his phone in his pocket. "Ok well let's get you back to your family." I smiled and turned towards the door and pushed it open. We walked in silence for most the time. I was listening to stay aware so I could cover him if someone came running by. "You know you looking around like that is more suspicious than just walking looking straight ahead." He commented. "Yea but I don't want us getting ambushed." He stopped and grabbed my face to have me look at him. "It's cute. But unnecessary we haven't heard anything for awhile I think we are safe." my face was getting hot with the fact that he was touching my face. He let go of my face and started walking and that's when we heard it. A scream. We didn't see anyone but all I did was shove Tae to the side. I leaned up against the wall since there was no place to hide and pulled him close. "Pretend we are kissing they won't think it's you." He moved his face closer and out lips were hovering over each other's. I put my hands around his neck to try to hid his face a little more. I was trying not to think of how close we were. They ran past us and then the sound seemed to stop. We both started breathing heavy because both of us had been holding our breaths. He rested his head on my shoulder his face kinda nestling into my neck. "I think we ca..." I started "I'm sorry to interrupt but have you seen this guy?" This girl walked up to us. I held Taes head in place to make sure he didn't move. The girl showed me his picture on her phone. "Sorry...Been kinda busy." I pointed to mine and Taes body. "Oh my gosh I thought you guys were hugging. Sorry." She said and took off. I watched her run off. "Ok let's hurry before we have to hide you again." I said but then froze. His lips just touched my neck. But not by accident he pressed his lips again. This wasn't happening. I pushed him off. My face was red. "Let's go." I quickly walked the direction of his hotel. He followed. Finally after a few minutes I got him to the hotel. We were both staying in the same hotel. Which was odd since I figured I would have known that. We walked over to the elevator and he pressed the button. "Thanks again for today. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I just was pissed." "No I get it. I was pissed too that's why my friend and I had to do something." "You know I never got your name."He said looking at me and smiling. "Oh yea sorry it's (y/n)" "Well (y/n) maybe we'll see each other again." He said and the door opened up and he walked in. I followed. "You don't need to follow me to my room." He looked scared. "I'm actually going to my room." I pushed my floor and he let out a breath. "Oh man you totally scared me." "Yea I could tell." I laughed and he pressed his floor. The doors opened at my floor and I said goodbye and left. I walked to my room and walked in. Thankfully my friend was there. "Dude that was crazy!" "Yea I saved Tae from a bunch of girls...they are freaking crazy....Tae was pissed and yelled at me. Like I was scared and wanted to cry but I had to clear up his misunderstanding of me." "Oh man Tae mad? That's rare." "Right. And....he kissed my neck." "What!?!?!" "Well we were in this position where his face was in my neck and he just did it. He was probably thirst and since I had sweat on me he decided to you know use that to take care of his thirst." My friend busted up laughing. "Yea or that was his way of saying thank you..." "No he said thank you before we got in the elevator." "What! They are staying in this hotel? Wow you suck at being a huge fan aren't you suppose to know this stuff?" "No. I'm suppose to know everything but where they live, where they are staying when they are on vacation or on tour. And I'm not suppose to be stalking them when I see them out in public." "I know your a calm fan compared to what we saw today." "You got that right."

Taes POV

When the door shut I slapped myself in the face. Dude why did you kiss her neck. You shouldn't have done that. She's a fan. That's all and she helped me get away from those crazy ones. But she was so cute. The elevator door opened and walked out. I went to the room and walked in. "Thank god your safe." Namjoon said walking over to me. "Dude that was crazy!" "Yea they ripped mine and kookie's clothes" Jin said holding up his sweater. "Man" I said "I think we are all pissed by what happened...They even laughed at me for telling them to stop following us." Yoongi said. "That was so disrespectful" Namjoon said calmly. "I'm so sorry we lost you Tae" Hoseok said. "It's ok I was panicking up until this girl came along." "Oh yea how was that?" Jimin said a small smile placed on his lips. "I was pissed thinking she was like the other fans and I yelled at her. But she really wasn't like the others she really did help me. She scared me when she got on the elevator with me though. I thought she was actually faking being nice and helping me. Then she pressed a floor button and said she was staying here as well." "So she was a cool fan?" Jungkook asked "Yea she was." "I'm guessing she gave you that scarf huh?" Jimin said laughing. Oh crap I forgot to give it back to her. "Shoot. I don't even know what room she's in." I mumbled to myself. "Well lets hope the rest of our vacation goes smoothly." Jin said I hoped I got to see her again so I could give her back her scarf.

Normal POV

It's been 2 weeks since that incident in Sweden with BTS. The Internet was blowing up with what happened and so many Armys were upset by what happened. Of course they should be those fans made us Armys look bad. I had tried not to think much about it because no matter how I thought about it, that day was a great day. I got to spend time with Tae and I know that will never happen again in a million years. I walked into a cafe and got myself coffee. Today was going to be a long day. I sat down and waited and eventually heard my name. I stood up and grabbed it and turned and bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry." He said "It's didn't spill much." I said grabbing a napkin from the counter. I started cleaning it up and threw the napkins away. "(y/n) I'm really sorry your not burnt are you." I looked up at my name being spoken. "Tae?" I whispered. Even though he had a mask covering his face I still could tell it was him and I could even tell he was smiling. "Yea." He whispered back "Yea I'm fine no burns here. Ok bye stranger." I said and turned and walked out the door. He followed. "Hey (y/n) I still have your scarf from last time." I turned to him. "Oh yea I forgot about that. Wait. You still have it? I figured you would have thrown it away." "How could I do that? I figured I'd see you again eventually and be able to give it to you....but sadly I don't have it on me today." "You don't have to worry about it. It was nice seeing you again. This is a fans dream come true." I smiled and turned away. But he grabbed my wrist. I turned back to look at him. "Can I have your number please?" "You really don't need to worry about giving me the scarf back." "But what if I want to be friends with you....or more?" I froze what did he just say. "Um..." "I know it's weird but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I'm still upset over yelling at you as well." "But you had your reason...although I know not to be the one to pissed you off you're scary as hell." I laughed. "Yea so then if you don't want me pissed give me your number." He laughed. "Ok. I guess I'll have to since I like you being Happy and not Mad." I pulled my phone out and handed it to him. He programed his name in it then sent himself a text. "Ok I'll call you and we can meet up so I can give you your scarf back." He waved and started walking away. "Ok bye." I waved back. I couldn't help but smile. Tae had been thinking about me. A measly fan that just happened to be able to save him from some crazy fans. I'm very glad my friend and I did something back then otherwise this would never have happened to me.
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@milcalopez963 Yea I wanted to do a tae story and I know like I would be scared if tae was pissed and then yelled at me....I feel bad for the boys. I still think they shouldn't have gone through this crap
I hate where ended and want more, but over all I love the story!!@SarahVanDorn
this is so good. (story wise) but makes me mad that ppl would do that
@SarahVanDorn I know right like I would do the same thing and try to help them out like some ARMYs need to chill they just want to relax and have fun
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