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This is Dakota Natsumi. She's half human half wolf. Since she isn't human obviously she has inhumane powers. She has a dual sword ability. She is a fire mage. She is a great friend and very cautious. She is very loyal, out going, kind, and adventurous but if you make her mad.... Uh that is a different story... Other than her emotions and temper, she has a sister but she'll be explained in the next card. Tell me your opinion of Dakota. @BlackoutZJ @littlemaryk @SAMURXAI @tyler619cruz @SimoneSanders @DestinyAgnew
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i like Dakota. She sounds cute ^.^
@RoryImpellizeri Actually she's more of the adventurous type and loves danger
@NeckoNecko lol that's why she sounds so cute ^.^
i can't wait to read the actual story when it's out