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Sorry for not posting these two days..they've been stressful.
I'm still on watch for Think Fast and Renegade...Patience is Key..?
SO be deciding which BTS member you want to be sacrificng first on Monday for Angst Week. :)
You were sitting on the living room couch, admiring the relationship your husband had with your son.
“Appa! More more!” He begged as Jungkook began to loose strength and asked for a break from lifting him up to be Superman.
“Appa is tired right now Yoonie. Can Appa rest for a little?”
You watched as Jungkook pretended to faint, carefully falling flat on his back, throwing Yoonie into pure excitement.
“Appa!” he yelled dramatically. He crawled onto his father and began banging on his chest.
“Up! Up! No nap! Upppp!”
As Jungkook continued to pretend he crawled closer up, practically sitting on Jungkook’s neck. Within seconds, Jungkook’s eyes shot open and his nose flared.
“He pooped!” He yelled, sitting up and pulling his son onto his lap instead. “Not it!”
You groaned quietly and stood up, reaching out to pick up Yoon. His eyes instantly look at you and start to shoot daggers.
“Ahhhh!” He screamed, beginning to throw his infamous fit. “AHHHH! APPA!”
He threw himself on top of his dad and locked his arms around his neck.
“Yoonie, I’m just changing your diaper sweetheart,” you mumble calmly, never knowing what to do in this situation. He loved his dad more, what is there to do? “Appa will still be here when you come back, I pro—-”
“Yah,” Jungkook said sternly, pulling him off him and forcing him to look into his eyes. “Don’t tell your mother no. Say sorry.”
Of course he listens to him and lowers his head in disappointment. “Sorry.”
“Good boy, go get your diaper changed,” he continued with a sweeter tone, patting his head. He begin to whine quietly, still refusing to get up.
You must have made a face because as soon as Jungkook made eye contact with you, his expression softened.
“I’ll change him,” he said to you softly, picking him up.
He walks over to you with Yoon in one arm and takes your hand in his. “If I have to smell this even after I called ‘Not it’, so do you,” he whispered in your ear playfully, leading you into Yoon’s nursery.
You stood back and watched your son fall head over heels for his dad all over again.
“Okay Yoon, go play. I need to talk to mommy,” Jungkook mumbled, setting Yoon down in his play area. He reluctantly runs off, pulling a toy car off the shelf.
Your husband walked over to you and hugged you. “Are you upset?” he asked, kissing the side of your head and pulling away to look at you.
You shook your head no even though you knew he’d catch onto the lie.
“He loves you, you know that,” he began, knowing exactly what was bothering you.
“Yeah,” you mumbled, watching him play with his toys. “It’s kind of hard watching him go crazy if I touch him…”
He put his hand around your waist and pulled you closer. “Well, who could resist my charm?” he replied playfully, wiggling his eyebrows.
You roll your eyes, watching Yoon continuously take peeks at his father but not you.
“Go play with him,” he whispered, nudging you forward.
“He’s just going to cry,” you replied, watching Yoon’s expression darken as you got closer.
“Appa!” Yoon whined, getting a hint of what was going on.
“Omo!” Jungkook suddenly yelled, startling you. “Superman! I need your help!”
Yoon’s eyes instantly lit up. “What?!” he yelled, looking around the room.
Jungkook nudged you in the side, “Fall,” he whispered.
You were completely lost and just stood there, staring at him. “What?”
“Pretend to fall,” he repeated, nodding towards the cushioned part of the floor.
You did just that and laid on your back, slightly opening one eye.
“Omo! My wife! My beautiful wife!” he yelled frantically, running around you in circles. “Superman!”
You could hear Yoon laugh as he stood up, running over quickly.
“Appa…” Yoon mumbled embarrassed. “Stop.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at your son. You could tell that Jungkook was thrown off at his son’s reaction. Thankfully, he stayed in character.
“Save mom!” Jungkook yelled.
Yoon climbed on top of you and started shaking you violently.
“Mom!” he yelled distressed. “Mom! Wake up!”
Your playful instincts kicked in and you decide to scare him, suddenly opening your eyes and yelling.
“Ah!” he screamed from the top of his lungs, laughing. You sat up with him still on your lap and he was jumping up and down from the excitement.
“Mom is being silly!”
You look around and see Jungkook sitting at the back of the room, watching.
He shoots you a smile and nods upward, signaling you to keep playing with him. You smile at him and tell him to come over.
“Should we play with Appa?” you ask.
“Yes!” he yells excitedly, digging his head in your chest.
You laugh at how much coordination is lost when he gets thrilled and Jungkook walks over to sit next to you.
“You saved mom!” He yelled excitedly, clapping. “Yayyy!”
“Yayyyy!!!” Yoon jumped up and hugged you tightly. “I saved you!”
Jungkook hugs both of you, taking you both down to the floor.
“GRRRR! Tickle monster!” he yelled, tickling both of you.


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I'm so glad it did, but be prepared for tomm! :) @BetseyBleau. I understand, I just ask myself when will those emotions be real... @Bikutoria13
🙈 you all have to admit that you legit placed yourself in that situation in your head... 😶 I sure did! got me feeling to many emotions like its real. 😅 Loved it very much so! 😄😄😄😁❤
awww this reminds when I baby sat my little brother was younger playing with my crush at the time :)
Oh angst week 😁 @BetseyBleau
@sarahdarwish 😔 me too.... I can wait..... 😢 I guess lol 😁
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