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I'm lucky enough that none of my friends judge the amount of makeup I buy (and really, I've curbed the habit).
But because most of my things get sent to my parents house, and I pick it up from there because I travel a lot.

And my mom will occasionally be like ... "really? is it more makeup?"

Me: "Yes, yes it is."

Mom: "Don't you have enough?"

Me: "What is enough?"

Seriously, haha, I won't judge anyone for buying too much makeup unless they're spending money they need for something else on makeup. If you're within your budget, you might as well buy what you enjoy!
Makeup is a hobby. A really expensive hobby. People don't get shade for buying expensive paints if they like painting as a hobby, right?

So buy all the makeup you want XD

This is me but with food! I just spent $35 on dinner last night when I could probably spend it on 3-meals! I wanted to try Todai since people were raving about it. The one I went to wasn't that great but I probably wouldn't go back to another Todai chain. Well, at least I experienced it once in my life. So, I agree with you as long as you're within budget and enjoy it. Why not!
Lol I feel your pain!