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Hallo everyone! Have you read this book? I'm a new vingler! This is my first card, and this is the first thing i wanna share. I got this few days a go, and just started to read this. I'm a bit confused, about Cal vs Maven. Who's i should believe to? Who's the main hero? Actually, i always have someone in my mine that "play" the role, for hero and heroine. Because this book had 2 hero, i confused, who's the main hero? Hahhaaa... I also confused with my feeling. Just read the beginning, Aveyard made me fall for the heroes and the heroine! Ah, can't wait to know the end of this book! But i wanna finish it slowly, and enjoy every moment of them!
@JessicaChaney yaaa... A hundred pages to finish it. But, i kept falling for Maven... Maven and mare made a perfect couple. Heum, wondering what will happen next.πŸ˜„
@VKookie47 Wiw, daebak! I've read this book for days πŸ˜‚
Hi welcome! Such an amazing book I tried to take it slow but ended up finishing it in a couple hours lol
Yeah! It was so good! The last line in the book killed me! I kept yelling that they couldn't end it like that! I'm currently reading the sequel, Glass Sword.