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It's that time again....time to wash our brushes!

Today my tip will be pretty simple - different ways to dry your brushes. I found some different ways so if you're still struggling to find an easy way to dry your brushes, try these out!
The key thing when drying brushes is to remember that you should ensure not to try them with the bristles pointing up. Why? Because the water will run down the bristles, into the brush, and will gradually break down the glue that holds the bristles in. As this happens, the bristles will loosen and eventually you'll just be ruining your brushes!! Lame, right?

The Towel Bar

Using hair ties or rubber bands, secure your brushes upside down to a towel bar or any other bar like this you have in your house! This will let the brushes dry naturally without ruining the blue. You could even do this off of a hanger!

The Makeup Kit

If you have ever bought brushes that come with a brush holder (like the Real Techniques one) you probably have a makeup kit that has the velcro or elastic inside to hold them in place.
You can use this to secure your brushes and hang them over the edge of a desk or table!

The Rolled Up Towel

This is how I dry my brushes! Everyone has a nice clean towel. Just roll it up to give one end some elevation, and rest your brushes as pictured to get them to dry nicely.

The Brush Rack

There are brush racks made specifically for drying makeup brushes! These will cost you something, but they basically have a rubber holder for your brushes so they can hang dry easily.

The DIY Brush Rack

Don't want to invest? Have an old show box? Punch some holes in it that are just a tiny bit smaller than your brush handle. Then when you push the brush handle through, they'll expand a bit and hold it there tightly. Voila!

The Edge

Simple & easy! Just reshape the bristles after washing & then lay them so they hang over a table or desk edge. You might want to put a towel on the flower if yours are still wet enough to be dripping.

Just lay em flat!

If you're not worried about the glue or think flat is fine, just lay them flat on a towel! Tried true & easy ^-^

How do you dry your brushes?

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I just lay them flat ☺️
im a edge kinda girl! as much as I hate wash day, I know it's necessary
this is super useful! The tower bar trick is brand new to me and I'm super excited to give it a try!
great tips for sure
Lay them flat
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