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Alright, it's confirmed that ERASED will be getting an English dub, and I am actually really excited about it! I know a lot of people here don't care about English dubs, but I think this is great for anime in general for a number of reasons.

1 - ERASED is the kind of show anyone can enjoy

I'm about 100% sure my whole family would love to watch ERASED with me, and I am thinking about us doing it once the dub is out! It's a psychological thriller that is in line with a lot of popular TV shows (like NCIS and Bones), so a lot of people can use it as a gateway into anime that is difficult than stereotypical anime.

2- ERASED escapes tropes.

As anime fans, we can find a lot of flaws with the ending of ERASED, but it avoids many of the tropes that are used in anime to pander to a specific kind of audience. That kind of pandering is what limits anime from getting popular outside of typical anime fans, and ERASED does good work in that area.
Anime is a media with so much potential and yet it panders so much to this public that it's hard to expand its reach.

3- ERASED will show the industry what CAN be good.

I love my anime tropes, but I also wish for more creativity in the anime industry. You have to admit that in recent years, creativity has died down to an extent. Why don't we get more animes that are more creative? Those that don't do it are just so distinctively good and you're able to recommend to anyone by the simple fact that they're great entertainment material.
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Omg! I'm so excited! *eyes sparkle
I like subbed better :3
Oh yea I was supposed to go see Erased dubbed a few weeks ago to bad I didn't go oops... 馃槄
the moment when you realize that your murderer waits 15 years and the girl whom you rescued doesn't
@SreeGanesh I'm on the "i dont think they were ever romantically inclined towards each other" ship, personally XD pizza girl for life!!!