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Test Your Korean Question Words!

Question words are a super important part of any language.

Do you know all your Korean ones?! Which do you think is the hardest for you to remember?

Who? - 누구 (nu-gu) What? - 뭐 (mweo) When? - LEAVE THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS Where? - 어디 (eo-di) Why? - 왜 (wae) How? - 어떻게? (eo-ddeo-ke)

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Thanks for this lesson .its a revision for me!
a year ago·Reply
onjae. i dont know how i would spell it
a year ago·Reply
When - 언제 ?????
a year ago·Reply
I literally said all these yesterday (well two days ago, its 3am xD)
a year ago·Reply
언제 :)
a year ago·Reply