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My friend shared this article the other day, and while I was skeptical (I mean, I don't think these beauty tips are what make them Angels), I still thought it was pretty cool to see some little tips that can help us all in our daily routines, whether we wear makeup or not!
I only though 3 of the tips were worth sharing -- if you'd like the others, check it out here!

Tip 1: Drink Warm Water!

Advice: Drink warm water instead of cold water, preferably in the morning, to hydrate.
- to get your system going
- to soothe your stomach, especially if iced water can be a bit unsettling
- easier to drink more water when its room temperature or warm, so you'll be more hydrated
- more hydration = better skin!!

Tip 2: Coconut Water

Advice: Drink one coconut water a day for an “amazing, healthy” glow.
- while there are mixed reviews of its effectiveness, drinking a coconut water a night rather than a regular class of water.
- it might be in your head, but you'll totally feel like you're GLOWING!

Tip 3: Ice Cubes!

Advice: Run an ice cube over your skin at night to tighten pores and firm skin.
- tightens up your pores
- closes your pores
- skin feels smoother
- can help shrink zits caused partially by enlarged pores and make them easier to cover the next day!

Will you try any of these tips?

I don't think they'll turn any of us into fashion models overnight, but there's nothing wrong with doing what you can to make your body as healthy as possible!