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Hellooo all today we'll see what Jungkook would do for you on your anniversary!

Set the day

Of course he'd want to set up a secret date with you, surprises are everything! He'd make sure you wouldn't catch on his plans.

Stylish Pair

Buy you an outfit as a gift and have you wear it. As part of the plan he would want you to be dressed for the occasion and look beautiful in the clothes he choose. He'd make both of you match! AWWW

Secret Date

Picking you up from the date himself like a gentleman you would be taken to the location of the date. Blindfolded so you could be surprised and feel the butterflies in your stomach from the anticipation.


He would have taken you to a park, decorated especially for your anniversary as romantic and warm as possible. He would sit you down and sing a sweet melody he composed just for wife this day.


He made the entire menu just to surprise you, feeling accomplished and anticipating your reaction. He insists on feeding you and making you try everything he cooked, spoiling you. After you feed him and both of your are surrounded in a light and carefree atmosphere.

Star Gazing

Laying down on his chest you both point out constellations and recall all the memories of your past dates together. Laughing together and enjoying the warm feeling, being alone away from everything else except each other.


He gives you a necklace with a "J" charm, and once he is done clasping it around your neck you take his hand and kiss it. You lay back into his chest and he tells you he had the same one but with your letter on his neck. He could be such a girl sometimes but you love this romantic dork.


He asks you if you liked the present and you say you didn't like it, you loved it. But you tell him you're present is better than his, he gives you a skeptical look and tells you to prove it. Taking his hand you draw it towards your tummy and he feels the slight bump growing. Crying, he turns you around and kisses you, gently rubbing your tummy. This is one anniversary he would find difficult to beat
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