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When Naruto was just a fun, anime adventure about a young genin outcast in a chunin exam who wants to beat his nemesis and get the girl. When the toughest enemy is finding his true potential. When the biggest mystery is Kakashi's true face. When the story isn't as complicated, the battles not as tough... Because there are times that I do.
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@aiaconcarne I feel you
of course even when i think back i just feel so sad 馃槬
I feel you on so many levels I mean we watched as this cute weird ball of energy grow and seen him go through many hard ship's and him become a man and start a family and live his dream and it's been over a decade watching this boy laugh cry make new friends then see old friends leave him seen him from his parents eyes and see him to lose everything from day one only to end up the most amazing man we've come to know we cried with him we laughed with and sometimes at him we smiled and cringed we watched some of our favorite characters sacrifice everything for the people they love even of it ment the ones they loved ended up hating them we seen love bloom between some others we seen them become strong and stand up for those that they love yes we miss the ones that were lost but we will always remember them who they were their personalities the things that made them who they were we will always have a piece of them in out hearts and we wont forget who they were what they stood for and how much they changed us
@Darkbeauty813 oh no. I cried again reading your comment.馃槶
@aiaconcarne I cried writing it I all of a sudden had all these memories of naruto come rushing back and almost didn't finish it 馃槩馃槶