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Khloe Kardashian

Alright, someone is ready to beat the heat by mixing two summer-proof hairstyle in one. Messy bun + head scarf = summer statement hair.

Julianne Hough

Bed head is another big trend this season. Give your hair extra volume by backcombing the crown like Julianne. Then add some beach waves to complete the lazy-girl style.

Demi Lovato

Usually, I find slick back hair stiff and hard to pull off but Demi rocked it! And it looks super hot! Totally a mix of modern elegance!

Vanessa Hudgens

Is there even a bad hair day in her world? Take a look at her recent voluminous hair made up of curls and parted to the side. Looks gorgeous and the texture is perfect for summer.

Lea Michele

Proof that sun-kissed hair is in season again. Take a look at this bronde mermaid hair! I'm definitely loving the golden and blonde balayage.
@efacew Lol!! Thanks :D
You can have some if mine @hikaymm , I've got quite a bit to share, lol.
@efacew! You might want to check out the following collection. There are some basic instructions on how to use Vingle. Here's a community member guideline that might answer some of your questions! If you need help feel free to message me, I'm the moderator of hairstyles community. =)
Could you tell me @hikaymm is there a faq or a pg set up somewhere here on vingle to show how the app works? I've been here a few days (have yet to finish setting up my page) & am still trying to figure it. From what I can tell it's a little like pinterest mixed with message boards or communities & chat (something sort of like that, but without the ability to self promo, correct?) Sorry for the long-ness & Thanks!
I wish my hair had some natural wave or curl to it for summer looks - i feel like it makes it a lot easier to just roll & go! But my hair is super straight hahahha, so I just rock straight her
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