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IM BACK WITH MORE WALLPAPERS!!! Again this time divided by members~~ Also I have some informations for you guys!! -I recently made a Twitter account for my wallpapers and lock screens which you can follow~~I'll make a post about it as soon as we set it up ^^ -I'm looking for anyone who wants to be an admin~ I'm in need of admins as I don't want to be the only admin it would be nice if someone else wanted to also be an admin ^^ message me if your intersted
V wallpapers [requested]
Jhope wallpapers
Yoongi wallpapers -#5 is a fan taken photo and was already that size I just took of the whitewash! -#9 is kind of crappy IK 😞
-#6 may have been done already since it was a simple edit I'm sure someone else probably done it too 🤔 @clstap1