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I was tagged in the awesome Leader Appreciation Week Challenge by the lovely @Tigerlily84. Things have been chaotic lately but I decided to combine 7 days worth of love for our Guardian into one mando mega card! Wooo! Happy Birthday, Kim Junmyeon!
Here's the low down! So let's get to this!
This first one with Chanyeol is my absolute favorite Suho meme. It's not because Chanyeol is in it either...nope. It's the look on Suho's face.
Best Suho hairstyle. There's something about the messy bedhead that is so enticing. Maybe this because I often partake in the homeless look myself but I like how messy and unguarded he looks.
There's the sexy slicked pomp. This is a hard look to pull off but it works for Suho.
I'm not really big on shipping so I'll just go with relationships that make me smile. I love what a doting mama Suho is to Tao. The love between them is so sweet. I say "is" because bonds like that don't break easily. In the show Happy Camp, Tao even called Suho his mama, teaching him different slang terms for mama (some of which weren't very nice XD). So sweet.
Now Suho dotes Sehun. He spoils this boy rotten (okay everyone spoils Sehun, how can they not?). They're roomies. Sehun is constantly giving him shit. It's the sweetest thing.
God, he is so precious. Especially when he's derping out.
Favorite concept...hmm... I don't know if this counts as a concept or not. But when "Lightsaber" came out, I knew EXO had to be fanboys. Well one of them is for sure. Junmyeon. Just look at how happy he is during this shoot. I'm not a fan of Stars Wars but I appreciate the love of fans.
Here's some Suho looking fly in a suit. Looking expensive as always. That man can wear a suit.
Happy Birthday, you beautiful dork of a man! Don't ever change. Bless those chocolate abs. And can we be best friends already??
@ScarletMermaid I LOVE THIS CARD!! Thank you for participating in my very first challenge. And I am with you went it comes to shipping. That is why I picked Suho and Sehun. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» great job
@amobigbang will you tag me please
@Tigerlily84 I'm glad you love it! I! Thanks! 😍
let me work on mine