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A/N: Hello! it's Machi again. Chapter 1 is here! Voice out those opinions if possible, it'll help me improve on this too. I got inspiration to do this thanks to @slayyoongi unnie posting so many chapters of the fanfics she'd been doing till now. I thought I should go into the author life too, you know? Lol.
Words in italic and/or with speech marks will be what the characters are saying. Just to not confuse anyone :)
Ok, let's get onto it shall we?
Yena POV
I hear footsteps coming up behind me, but I try not to turn back and just go home after getting out of the convenience store to go shopping for groceries. I swear, these footsteps aren't going away. I'm definitely being stalked...
Hours earlier...
I start to groan in bed and open my eyes, after having the same nightmare again. What was it that made me have the same one constantly? That I wouldn't want to remember or even, I barely remember a thing. I get up, switched my phone on to check what time it was. I don't even use an alarm clock in general to wake myself up these days. 6am...why am I awake at this time?! I should get back to sleep, but I'll probably have that unpleasant nightmare again...
My name's Chang Yena (창예나). I'm currently on break from uni, only a week left till we're back. I'm mostly quiet, even with friends. I'm often seen as a cold person but I'm actually kind on the inside, just don't let my attitude fool you. At night I'm constantly having the same nightmare, but I don't even know what it is after waking up. I try not to remember it, but then the more I try to clear my head out, it just comes back.
My roommate, Ha Sooyeon (하수연) comes over and sits next to me on the bed, a worried look on her face. "Yena, are you alright? You were talking in your sleep...". I hesitate for a bit, then speak up saying, "Yeah, I'm ok. Had that nightmare again..." Sooyeon's face becomes more worried and she says, "Oh...what was in there?"
Should I tell her? It's not like I can keep it a secret for that long. I decide to just tell her what I remember from that nightmare vaguely. "All I see is just complete darkness and a voice saying "I got my eyes on you..." or something like that".
I don't want to remember this.
After I've explained, Sooyeon averts her gaze, looking downwards. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked". She then looks at me again and says, "But it's going to be alright, I'll be here for you, Yena". I smile at her and say, "Thanks, Sooyeon".
Sooyeon and I have been roommates since the day we first met at uni, we're totally best friends after getting to know one another. Even though we don't share the same traits, we act like we're sisters. I personally don't have siblings, as I'm an only child in the family.
Sooyeon excitingly speaks up saying, "Yena, why don't we go out? You can try to calm your mind down after the nightmare you had!". Hmm...but the idea of going out...I got a bad feeling about that. "You're saying that to make me go shopping with you, aren't you?" A slight shiver indicates she'd intend to do that. "Was that obvious? I'm trying to cheer you up! Going shopping should make you smile, we could just see what clothes are there...without buying them of course, since we're tight on rent right now." I pause before saying, "If it makes your boredom disappear, I might as well go. Got nothing else to do other than studying for exams".
Sooyeon then stands up, and starts to drag me out of bed. "Wha- Sooyeon?! I can get out myself..." I exclaim. "No excuses! You look tired, so leave me to this!". I sigh and slump my shoulders and let her drag me off. I can normally get out of bed myself, but this time I definitely felt tired than ever. "Wash up and get changed, we'll go out after eating breakfast. Is that ok, Yena?", Sooyeon calls out.
I answer with a "Yeah" while washing my face in the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror and suddenly see a person standing behind me. I turn my head around to see no one there, then look at the mirror again. A boy around our age...but why is he in the mirror? I hear Sooyeon call out for me to hurry up, then the boy says the words I never wanted to hear.
"I've got my eyes on you..."
Sooyeon POV
While Yena was in the bathroom, I was preparing breakfast for the both of us. I know her likes and dislikes since we're roommates. I decide to cook omelettes, since it's the only thing I can do.
Few mins later...
I'm worried, why hasn't she come out? "Yena, hurry up!"
Yena POV
I tensed up when those words had been said. He disappears and I relax for a bit before getting out of the bathroom. "Sorry, I'm done washing my face" is all I say when Sooyeon approaches me. "Here, I made omelettes! It's the only thing I know how to cook on the stove, I'm sorry?". I know Sooyeon, no need to apologize. "It's ok, I'm used to eating them everyday now". We both smile.". "Let's eat before they go cold!", Sooyeon says. "Yeah, we should", I say back.
After eating the omelettes, which tasted yummy as usual, I went in my room and started changing into a jumper and a pair of dungarees. It was sunny outside, so I don't think it's gonna rain anytime...and it starts raining when I look out the window. That's our day ruined, for sure. "Maybe one of us could buy groceries at the convenience store?" I said. "But it doesn't open till late at night though...are you ok going there alone?" Sooyeon says while worrying."It's ok! I can handle this, I'm not a child you know". I say to her. "I know you're not, but I still worry about you, Yena".
Later in the evening, I go into the convenience store to buy whatever groceries we didn't have. Plus we were slowly running out of snacks to eat, so I bought enough for the both of us. I went to the checkout, but the cashier had the same face as the boy I saw in the mirror hours earlier!? What the hell is going on? Is our town haunted or something? I guess I should've brought Sooyeon with me...this is getting scary. I quickly paid and walked out.
Why is the convenience store so far from here? This is legs are getting tired after walking for too long- Huh? I can hear footsteps coming from behind!? But I can't walk any further! Ok, calm down! I should be able to walk back home without screaming...
I hear the footsteps come close rapidly. I try to run, but my legs can't move any faster. I should go to the gym more...why am I thinking about the gym when I'm presumably being followed?! Suddenly my legs glow up, taking me by surprise. What is this?! I turn around to see the cashier/the boy close to my face, frozen in place. Does that mean I've stopped time? Now is my chance to run away! I speed back home, opening the door and earning a "welcome back" from Sooyeon.
I chose not to explain about my time stopping and speeding power to Sooyeon, cause I don't think she'll believe me if I told her.
The nightmare will still haunt me after I sleep...
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