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A/N: Hello again, it's Machi! Chapter 2 is where I'll introduce more characters after Yena and Sooyeon in the previous chapter. Can anyone guess who I'm referencing to now? Lol. [Clue] Ahh, I just had to kill my heart by putting me bias in the chapter now >.< Shall we get to it now? Previously on Chapter 1, Followed... I don't want to remember this. "I've got my eyes on you..." "Maybe one of us could buy groceries at the convenience store?" Now is my chance to run away! Yena POV I woke up to a gloomy morning, I've just had the same nightmare again. I decide to get up and go to the bathroom to wash my face when I see that the boy is in the mirror again. I wished I hadn't seen him in there, it's getting spooky. "Hm? Did you say something?". The boy says. I flinch and see his face right up close to mine, in the flesh. What the hell?! Then suddenly, he closed the distance me a kiss on the lips. HUH!? Why am I being kissed by a boy I don't even love at a time like this?! I back away, covering my mouth as he smiles and says "I'll see you later" before disappearing. What kind of boy did I meet? Ok Yena, don't think about what just happened until it's mentioned otherwise... I wash my face and get out of the bathroom like nothing happened. Days after finding out my legs glow up due to the power I used that night, I had to keep it a secret from Sooyeon as to not cause any rumors to spread over the whole university. I never trust people with my secrets, so I tend to keep them to myself. If Sooyeon finds out about my powers, I'll be the one in trouble...We were already back for another semester when the lecturer told us there will be students transferring to the class. Sooyeon, who's sitting on my right hand side, nudges me and whispers,"Who will be coming here?". "Don't ask me, how am I supposed to know?", I whisper back. Luckily, the lecturer didn't catch us whispering to each other as he had started introducing the new students who already arrived. I turn my head to see there were 7 boys standing at the front, one of them I recognized in the mirror. Sooyeon looked at them with her eyes sparkling nonstop. Oh great, here comes the 'I Need U' look. I rolled my eyes and tensed up. She likes being around boys, despite her personality being kind. No...what if that boy said was right!? I'm not liking this at all...I stared at the door, with my brain in disbelief mode. Boy POV My eyes stay put at the girl I saw through the mirror on that day. We were being introduced by the lecturer to the other students. When the introductions had been done, we were free to sit anywhere. I proceeded to sit next to the girl, while the friend next to her looked at me while smiling. I smiled back as I was coming up the stairs. When I arrived at the top, the girl looked like she was in a tranced state so to snap her out of there I asked her, "Can I sit here?". To my surprise, she flinched and turned her head slightly before complying, "You can sit anywhere, I don't mind". She's a stoic one, isn't she? What kind of girl did I meet this morning? But then, this is going to be interesting...with her around. Yena POV The boy sits next to me and he introduces himself as Park Jimin. He seems like a cheerful one, but I shouldn't be trusting him that easily, just cause we're next to each other. I have no trust in men in general, you won't know what they'll do to you. I've heard other girls say that their boyfriends attack then cheat on them with no reason, mainly because the girls say they didn't love them back. I wouldn't want that happening to me if I ever had a boyfriend, seriously. I'm not a girl who'd complain easily, I never want to be too dramatic about a relationship that doesn't work out. After class ended, we were permitted to go for break. I'm always with Sooyeon when we eat our lunch together. This time we were on about the boys in our class earlier. "Yena, what do you think about them?" Sooyeon asked me after drinking from her coffee mug. I say after eating a part of my sandwich, "Nothing much really, it's not like they're anything special". A voice calls out, "We're nothing special? Don't be sure about that." I suddenly become cautious and looked in front of me. I knew it, Jimin was there looking at us. "I was only saying that cause you guys just transferred here". I said to him, then I thought of something. "Are you reading my mind right now?" He looked at me wide eyed and said, "Why would I? I coincidently came in and heard you say it." I don't believe him, he must be lying to make me trust him. "It doesn't look like you trust my words, do you?" YN: Huh!? He's definitely reading my mind! JM: What if I am? YN: Get out before you're in trouble. JM: Ok ok, I'll get out! Geez... "As you said, I don't trust you. Or even, no trust in men at all". The bell rings and we go to our next class. Me and Sooyeon are in separate classes, and I receive a text from her being all suspicious on me. Few hours later... "Gosh, never knew I'll get this tired". Sooyeon says slumping onto the sofa after getting home. I say to her, "Isn't it cause you were staring at those boys for the whole day?". "Well it's true that they're good looking to start with, plus they were hanging out together like they've known each other for years", Sooyeon says. "Really? Good observation there.", I say, praising her. "Yena, didn't you say to Jimin if he was reading your mind?". Sooyeon exclaims. "I did, he said he didn't.", I lied. I don't want Sooyeon finding out he actually did read my mind while we were on break. This is my problem, I can't let her get involved in this especially after she knows I have powers to stop time and speed away. "Hmm? You care about such a thing?" I know that can't be! I rush out of the house followed by Sooyeon and see Jimin- wait...not just him, but all 7 of them!? "You read my mind, AGAIN!?" I say indirectly to Jimin. "What if I did?". He says. YN: This guy really has no delicacy whatsoever! JM: Hey, I can still hear you. YN: Goddammit, get out of there already! JM: Fine... "What are you guys here for?" I say to the boys. To be continued on Chapter 3! Sorry for the cliffhanger, I really needed a way to end this chapter. Ok, bye! Tags: @EmmaJolie and @tiffany1922 as requested? I've no idea how this app works!
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