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Classes below to choose from: Core classes Astronomy Charms Dark Arts Defence Against the Dark Arts Flying Herbology History of Magic Potions Transfiguration Electives (third years and up) Study of Ancient Runes Arithmancy Muggle Studies Care of Magical Creatures Divination Apparition Alchemy Extra-curricular subjects Ancient Studies Art Earth Magic Muggle Art Music Muggle Music Ghoul Studies Magical Theory Xylomancy Frog Choir Hogwarts orchestra
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yes.... i still hope..and my hope wont die till i am 60!
4 years ago·Reply
@neaa Nah, sis. @shoenami is totally right. You do need the letter, but a time turner is going to be a necessity for you. Alright! Let's go look for that letter. Ours must have gotten lost along with your letter. (>_<)
4 years ago·Reply
i will sue dumbeldore and his owl service if there's a glitch
4 years ago·Reply
@neaa @YinofYang I knowww.. I'll keep on waiting as well even if it takes forever!
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami Ditto!
4 years ago·Reply