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I've thinking a lot aha Jungkook is my ultimate bias!!!!! but sometimes Jimin just attracts me so much aha. but no matter how Jimin is attracting I still pick Jungkook over Jimin aha. makes me think who I would had picked to be my bias if Jungkook wasn't in BTS. it would had been Jimin because Jungkookwanted to be Sungdeuk's apprentice before debut so it just made me think what if. sigh but I'm glad Jungkook is apart of BTS. and no matter what I'll pick Jungkook over Jimin any day! ☺
XD ☺
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if not kookie I would've probably chose yoongi Or jimin IDK for sure.
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If not Taehyung it would probably be Kyungsoo. Lol jk probably legitly Yoongi. But I love Taehyung! And I love all of BTS do that would be really hard! 😭😭😭
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