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Who would you guys want to see as Appa's/Omma's on Hello Baby if they came back with a new season?? Honestly, I would want to see VIXX & B.A.P
Leo with a baby is like the cutest thing ever, my maknae Hyuk omg...the giggles lol
Yongguk and his love for children I mean he would probably be like the best appa ever! Daehyun feeding the baby (but actually feeding himself XD)
KBS please bring back Hello Baby.
I guess Return of Superman was supposed to be a good substitute, but all the good family have left already (all I have left are the twins :'''X)
It was said that EXO was going to be Season 8 but then they stopped airing Hello Baby before anything happened
so true I love rewatching hello baby but the program got iffy there in the last season's for me so idk
Hello Baby is life! I want Leo as the appa and the Chabooty as the eomma
Yes, Vixx and Bap! That would be the cutest thing ever!