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I had been rereading the parts of my Greater Than Ever Imagined fan fiction, when something mortifying came to my attention. @GamerKyumin asked me to tag them in upcoming parts, and guess what? I didn't. I am so genuinely sorry about that! That's so rude... I really didn't mean to leave you out. And I also hope you don't think this is because I like need more tags, I just really feel as though I've done something wrong.
Well um... I decided to make this card, I went on your profile and looked at the things you like. Super Junior is obviously one of them, speficially Kyuhyun? :P

"Don't pay attention to the meanie! We love youuu!"

Hey! I'm not mean! I just made a mistake! TT ^ TT I'm only human, boys.

"Are you?"


"Who care?"

Okay! YOU GUYS WIN! I'm horrible, I know!

@GamerKyumin, 용서해 주세요! 미안해! 사랑해!

I made this for you... I dunno how much you like GOT7, but they love you! Look at all the hearts for you!

Well again, I am so so sorry. I'll add you to the parts that I've realeased since the one you commented on.

Are we bros? Are we llamas? WHAT ARE WE!?

@GamerKyumin I wish it hadn't taken me so long to notice... that's so stupid of me. I'm glad I am forgiven :)
Hahaha, no worries, I was wondering why I hadn't seen the fic in a while 😂 Thank you though! I really enjoyed this well as Kyuhyun's wonderful faces, as well as the rest of Super Junior's...and you got the BTS down too...and I do quite like Got7 too ^^ Anyways, thanks again! I'll catch up on your fic! :)