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I don't know if anybody else notice dat but i always do in Korean shows thr is always a best friend of the female lead dat is always thr 4 her and always look out for her no matter what but in real life its just not like dat it a lot diff I NEED A BEST FRIEND WHO WD ALWAYS LOOK OUT 4 ME LOLS KOREAN SHOWS REALLY MK ME WISH DAT SOOOO MUCH LOLS :-P
@saharjalpari9 yeap sooo true !!!
@MasriDaniela I do have a friend like dat haa but in skl we used 2 c each othr every day now we barely get a chance to text each other we r both busy w our lives and I really miss her sometimes :-(
@saharjalpari9 in school yes all of us but after i think only a few have a frd like this!!!! no time !!! and we have responsb..