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Oh, boy, how am I even supposed to approach that!

One Punch Man - Moon and Back

My brother disagrees with this pick because of the nature of One Punch Man, but I think this is a pretty epic moment for any anime! While Saitama's opponent was going all out, he, of course was unfazed, and their raging battle destroyed everything in their path. Then Saitama was struck with such force that it actually sent him to the moon! Shrugging it off as if it was nothing, he checked out his surroundings, pinched his nose, tossed around a moon rock a little to gauge gravity, and simply leaped back to Earth as if it was nothing!

Honorable Mentions

I'm sure there are plenty of epic moments that I'm forgetting, haven't seen yet, or am otherwise overlooking, but on pondering this prompt, these were the top contenders. Beware of spoilers!

Bleach - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

I may get some flack for not going with Aizen's battle, but this is the one that stuck with me, maybe because I have such an odd fondness for Ulquiorra. In this highly anticipated battle above Las Noches, Ichigo was utterly defeated - again. He was killed, I think - or maybe it's just one of the cases where "your friend here is only mostly dead, and mostly dead still means slightly alive" (We interrupt this card for another installment of "guess that reference!" with OtakuDemon10! If you get that reference you win the lovely prize of a high-five across the internet and bragging rights! Now back to the card!) Anyway, Ichigo could still hear Orihime desperately calling out to him, and so his inner hollow took over with a single motivation: the drive to protect Orihime. His transformation gave him the power to defeat Ulquiorra, but he had become an unstoppable monster, and if it hadn't been for Ulqiorra's final act bringing him back from the brink, Uryu would have been obliterated, and who knows what else!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion - Homura's Love

This was the mind-blowing conclusion to the third and final Madoka Magica movie and the sequel to the series. Kyubey had caught Homura in an isolation field in an attempt to capture the entity known as the "Law of Cycles." Through most of the movie, Homura was discovering the terrible truth that she had become a witch and was caught in a labyrinth within her soul gem. She chose to suffer rather than betray her wish and give the Incubators what they wanted, but her friends instead helped her break free of the isolation field so that Madoka could work her magic. All seemed well, until Homura turned. Rather than being taken by Madoka, she claimed Madoka as her own. Her soul gem had been darkened, not by curses, but by her incomprehensible love for her friend, and, having plucked the god from heaven, she became a demon, once again rewriting the laws of the universe. Yeah, I did not see that coming!

Tokyo Ghoul - The New Kaneki

I featured Kaneki's transformation as one of my saddest anime moments, but I also think it might be one of the most epic for me. Kaneki had unraveled, completely reevaluated his life and become a completely new ghoul. With his newfound strength and resolve, he broke his chains, literally and figuratively, and turned the tables on Yamori, no longer affected by the pain he inflicted. He started on a new path, fixing a broken world by devouring ghouls, and the last sound we hear is a gulp *shivers* How's that for a finale?
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By far my favorite super Hero ever! Probably the only super hero I've ever really liked xD
@OtakuDemon10 we need a season 2, since they covered 35 chapters for season 1 and there's 66 they can just do the same thing and make season 2 12 episodes
@NikolasSatterwh I thought so too! Obviously😆
It was so epic when he launched Saitama into the moon
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