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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 3484 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
“How was the study session?” Jimin called out as a greeting as soon as he spotted me. I shuddered at the very mention of the words ‘study session’.
“It was alright. I’m surprised he actually understood the stuff.” Jimin just laughed. “I’m surprised he wasn’t in bed with someone. He usually goes out on a Friday night.”
I grimaced. “Funny you should mention that...”. I told him about Sooyoung and his eyes widened. “Why do you look so shocked Jimin, they’re always at it.” He just shook his head slowly.”That boy has some nerve. That’s how he resolves every argument with her- sex.”
I pulled a disgusted face. “Don’t. You’re gonna put me off my lunch.” He snickered as we walked in. I kept replaying that scene with Taehyung over and over again. I had left as soon as I could, making up some blatant excuse to get out of there.
He had just chuckled at my fumbling form, watching me pack my bag, refusing to look at him. The last thing I heard him say was, “See you in class, nerd. Enjoy your little date.” I think that was the first time he had called me that without spite.
“You’re really quiet today”, Jimin commented pointedly, as I was lost in a world of my own again, shovelling food in my mouth to avoid too much talking. “Sorry...think Taehyung killed off a few of my brain cells”, I grinned.
“He...he didn’t try and make another move on you, did he?” Jimin asked cautiously. I shook my head with a lot more vigour than was deemed natural. “No. No, he was all about the work”, I lied.
It was a one time thing so I could lie, right? Sooyoung clearly wasn’t good enough if Taehyung was still horny the morning after- nothing to do with me. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jimin didn’t look convinced, probably because of my unnatural behaviour, but he dropped the subject nonetheless. “Ah!”, he suddenly exclaimed, “Thought we might see you!”
I gritted my teeth. I didn’t have to look up to know it was Hoseok. But he wasn’t with Namjoon or anyone else- it was just him. Thankfully, he slid in next to Jimin and not me, and I kept my eyes on my plate.
“Can’t chat for long, meeting Namjoon and the guys in five minutes”, he announced. Like anyone cared. Jimin nudged me with his foot under the table, and I looked up.
He leaned back, so Hoseok couldn’t see him and mouthed ‘Say hi’. I rolled my eyes and looked at Hoseok, who was staring at me, expectantly. “Hi.” And I went straight back to eating.
Hoseok understood my tone of voice immediately and didn’t bother replying. My glasses started slipping so I tilted my head to adjust them and caught him looking again, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “What’s so funny?”
“You are.”
“How so?”
“You’re like...really small and constantly angry. Remind me of a friend of mine, Yoongi.” I narrowed my eyes. “I’ll have you know I’m in the 70th percentile of all females of my age in accordance to height.”
His clueless face made Jimin laugh. “That means I’m taller than 70% of girls my age, Einstein.” His smirk returned. “Still small. Maybe you and Yoongi should get together.”
“Maybe you should leave.”
He held his hands up in surrender. “I know where I’m not wanted.”
“Clearly not the case, otherwise you wouldn't have sat down in the first place.” He laughed ,high-fived Jimin as a way of saying ‘bye’,and got up. “See you later bro. See you around nerd.” He gave me a salute and sauntered off.
“Prick”, I muttered under my breath. I remembered how he spoke to me at the party. He was just playing it cool today because Jimin was here. Jimin laughed and nudged me again. “He’s not that bad.”
“Why did you want me to say hi to him? I was perfectly happy ignoring him.”
“Because he whispered to me ‘What’s up with her?” and I didn’t want him to think you’re weird, even though you are.” I sighed in exasperation. I wasn’t weird. Well...not that weird.
“What do you want to do today?” I asked, changing the subject. At least Hoseok’s interruption took my mind off Taehyung, as unwelcome as he was.
“Anything. Movie. Mall. Something to kill time. We have a shitload of homework to do tomorrow, so we might as well make the most of today.”
I rolled my eyes. I always told him to split the workload up, but he never did. Then always ended up texting me to send him answers Monday morning because he had fallen asleep doing the work.
But then again, this week I was in the same boat. I had prioritised Taehyung’s stupid study session before my own work and now all my work would have to be done on Sunday too.
“Movie?” I suggested. I couldn’t be bothered to physically exert myself and I hated shopping. All I could see when I walked into a store were nice things that I couldn’t afford.
He nodded. “Can we watch a horror?” We both loved horror, even though Jimin would always end up hiding behind a pillow or holding my hand. The jumpscares were balanced out by his hilarious reactions.
“Smile!” Jimin called out as we waited in queue to go in. I hugged him from behind and rested my chin on his shoulder as he bent his knees slightly so I could actually be seen in the photo.
He captioned it “OOOH SCARY MOVIE TIME!”, with an unnecessary amount of emojis. “Was that on snapchat?” I asked as the queue moved forward. I never liked people seeing photos of me, because let’s be real, I wasn’t very photogenic.
But Jimin, blissfully unaware, just nodded. “Yup!” I scowled. “Jimin!...”
“I don’t have many people on it! Just Hoseok and the boys. Chanmi and her friends. And like three quarters of our class.” I paled. That was a lot of people. “Who?” I demanded.
“Oh you know. Sooyoung, Taehyung...”, and he started listing practically everyone. I shoved him playfully, dropping it. It didn’t really matter, I suppose. The snaps disappeared after like a day.
Movie over, we reluctantly started our way back home. I was teasing Jimin the whole way about how he had hid his face in my shoulder, pretty much all throughout the movie.
“Yah, you liar!”, he protested but I had seen him. Just wish I’d caught it on camera. We got to my place first, slowing our pace to finish the conversation. “Start you’re homework tomorrow. If you text me Monday morning, I won’t reply.”
I said this to him every week and he never listened, despite answering in his usual way. “I will.” He lived with a few guys, and they were a massive distraction, I knew that. Last Saturday, he had facetimed me, and I could barely hear him over the yells and jeers- they had been watching a football match. Jut remembering the yells triggered a headache.
He hugged me briefly, “See you Monday. I’ll text you tomorrow.” I nodded and waved, before stepping inside. At least we had managed to kill time today, but unlike Jimin, I was going to start my work now, to save me time tomorrow.
Forward planning was a habit of mine. And a good habit to, because I was the student who could afford to relax, come deadline days, while everyone would be running around panicking and screaming “We’re all gonna die!” Well...maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.
I flopped down on my bed, deciding to quickly check my phone before turning it off and getting to work. That was a habit my mum had instilled in me- turning the phone off because it’s the biggest distraction.
Unsurprisingly, I only had one text. I assumed it to be my mother, but was surprised Taehyung’s name came up when I unlocked the screen. The surprise transitioned slowly to disbelief as I saw what he’d written.
From Taehyung: Not a date huh? Sure looked like a date to me.
I understood instantly. He must have seen the picture on Jimin’s snapchat. I shrugged. It was absolutely nothing to do with him in the first place. If he was that convinced me and Jimin were dating, then so be it.
I turned off the phone and got to work.
It was two hours later, I out my pen down- mentally drained, but satisfied. Once I had started, I don’t know where time went, but I didn’t look up until I was done. That meant the whole of tomorrow would basically be free. I went to bed content, looking forward to a lazy Sunday.
As expected, I woke up earlier than I had wanted, my eyes shooting open at 9 am. I groaned, instantly regretting doing everything in one go. I actually hated sitting around and doing nothing, it made me feel useless.
Thankfully the whole day passed relatively quickly- I busied myself my going on a walk (it was going to be a run, but I remembered I didn’t have a death wish), cleaning everything, packing my school bag for tomorrow, showering, texting Jimin.
That evening he was full on panicking and he took advantage of my good mood. I sent him pictures of my work (again), with the caption ‘You can buy me lunch again’. As ever he was grateful and bombarded me with the heart emoji. Our friendship sounded so dysfunctional but really, it wasn’t.
He understood the stuff, I knew that. His lazy ass just couldn’t get motivated to do any work outside of lesson. So I helped out. I wasn’t ruining his grades in any way. Plus, if he didn’t get an answer, he would ask me to explain. He said I taught him better than the teacher did. And that was true, even if I do say so myself.
Monday morning, I met Jimin outside and we walked in together. “Oh my god”, he was complaining, the bags under his eyes prominent. “I got virtually no sleep last night!” He had been texting all night.
“Who?”, I asked, walking in to the building.
“Who were you texting?”
“Well er, we have this group chat- Hoseok, Namjoon, Chanmi and the rest- and they were just talking all night. I shook my head, the movement subtle enough that Jimin didn’t pick it up. Why he still stayed in contact with his ex, I had no idea. He hated her. But then his actions at that party told me otherwise.
“You could have just gone to sleep, and apologised to them in the morning for falling asleep on them”, I suggested, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
He just muttered, “Yeah, that would have been wise...”, then trailed off. I had the sneaking suspicion that that wasn’t all, but I didn’t bring it up. Partially because Jimin always told me everything in due time, and partly because we were about to walk in to class.
Jimin opened the door, letting me walk in first before following. But he almost walked into me because I had stopped dead about a metre away from my desk. Sooyoung was sat on my desk, and Taehyung was stood between her legs, whispering things in her ear.
The teacher wasn’t in yet, so the rest of the class were oblivious, having their own conversations, talking about their oh so wonderful weekends. I cleared my throat, determined not to curse out loud.
Seriously, they could do whatever the fuck they wanted, but why the hell had they picked my desk to sit on? Instead of going to his own seat and avoiding the awkward situation, Jimin stayed stood there with me, which I was grateful for.
Sooyoung turned around and Taehyung looked up, that stupid smirk settling on his face as soon as he saw me. She must have thought I was the teacher, because her worried expression turned to instant annoyance when she saw me.
“The hell are you looking at?” , she spat, her eyes burning into me. I looked at her with pure disgust and replied, “I don’t know, it isn’t labelled.” Her enraged look set Jimin off, and I had to bite the inside of my cheek, to stop myself laughing with him.
Taehyung said nothing as he let go of the girls waist slowly, a faintly triumphant grin on his face. He wordlessly moved away from her and set down at his desk. Sooyoung slid off the desk immediately, staring at Taehyung.
She looked a mixture of confused and embarrassed. All he said to her was “Teacher’s coming”, and sure enough, she barged in, all flustered. “Jimin, y/n, and Sooyoung, please take your seats, it’s time to start, thank you.”
I watched Sooyoung storm off as I sat down reluctantly, not wanting any of my belongings to touch the area where she had been sat. Jimin’s face was red from laughing so hard, and I tried to keep my eyes off him, knowing full well I was about to cave myself.
“OK, can everyone get out their homework- I’ll collect it in now and mark it while you get on with your work. You can get it back at the end of the lesson.”
I rifled around in my bag, finding the right sheet, and placed it on my desk. She started from my seat, collecting it and ticking my name off the list. As she walked passed Jimin, he threw me a smile and a thumbs up. I smiled back, knowing that he truly was thankful.
It was all going well, until she got to to the seat behind me. “Taehyung...?”, she queried. I turned around slowly to see him leaning back in his chair, completely relaxed, staring up at Miss. “I forgot”, was his blunt reply.
“Kim Taehyung that’s the third week in a row. I would advise you to get your act together, or you will be paying a visit to the headteacher. Understood?” He nodded solemnly, and as soon as she walked away from him ,his face clearly showed that he didn’t give a shit.
He made eyes contact with me, and I blinked, turning back around to face the front. I was questioning his intellect. I was there all Saturday morning at his house. It was a study session- and he didn’t think of doing the homework while I was there? That’s cus he had other things on his mind, y/n.
I was actually lowkey mad about them being near my desk. Call me petty, but that was not cool. He could have let her sit on his desk...why mine? Prick.
“Thank you for those of you who did hand in their work”, Miss announced, pointedly glaring behind me, at Taehyung. Before you get on with today's tasks, I would like to tell you beforehand that we are going to do your first projects of this semester. They will count for 25% of your total grade.” The class collectively groaned.
I clenched my jaw. I only had one question on my mind. Were we in groups or...?
“You will be working in pairs. And seeing as it’s your first project, I will let you decide your partner. The groans turned into collective hisses of “yes!” and Jimin turned away from Miss to high-five me. I grinned in relief. If we had been put in random groups, I would have had to do all the work and no one would have talked to me.
Miss was handing back our work as the bell rang. I got 100%, which of course meant Jimin got the same. He was beaming- you’d thing he had done the work himself. We were dismissed as soon as our work was returned to us, so me and Jimin were the first out the door.
“Y/n, Jimin, can you please stay behind a second?” We froze. She sounded stern, and I was wondering what we had done. I visibly relaxed when she said, “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble- just wanted a word.”
The class was ushered out by Miss and she shut the door. But not everyone had gone. Still lounging in his seat, and staring right at me was none other than Taehyung. What’s going on?
Miss leaned on her desk, and me and Jimin remained standing by the door. “OK, so the reason, I asked you two to stay was two are planning on working together on the project, right?” We nodded, still unsure of where this was going.
“Well, the class has an odd number of people, and Taehyung here tells me you were really helpful on Saturday.” My cheeks felt hotter at his smirk. “So would you mind if you two partnered with him?”
Me and Jimin exchanged glances.”Miss, I’m sure he would want to be partnered with his know, Sooyoung and them lot?” I spoke, trying to keep my voice calm.
Taehyung snickered and I ignored him, keeping my eyes on Miss, who looked confused.
Finally Taehyung spoke up. “I’m your friend y/n”, he spoke, almost mockingly, emphasising the word ‘your’. Miss looked me me expectantly. “Fine, ok. We’ll split the work three ways”, i gave up. he was gonna work with us, whether we wanted it or not.
Jimin led the way out, and thankfully, he was going to spend his break with the boys. I wanted a bit of silence, so I told him to have fun, and I’d probably be at the library if he wanted to drop by. He gave me a brief hug and sprinted off, muttering something about how impatient Hoseok was.
It was almost like Taehyung was waiting to get me alone. “Nerd!” I heard him call behind me, in his authoritative voice. I didn’t stop. By now the corridor was empty, but that didn’t stop me feeling embarrassed on instinct as he yelled at the top of his lungs.
I heard him running behind me and I sighed. I couldn't outrun him and wasn’t even gong to try. The girls toilets were right there, but I didn’t doubt for a second that Taehyung would follow me in there if he really wanted to.
He caught up and I kept walking, not wanting to look at him. I had never come across a more confusing human being. “What do you want Taehyung?”
“So rude”, he tutted. “I want to know why you ignored my text- again.” I looked confused for a second, before it dawned on me. “I had nothing to say. I’ve told you countless times we’re not dating. If you don’t want to believe that, your choice.”
He was quiet for a bit, trying to keep up with my brisk pace, before asking, “You pissed because I’m working with you?”
“I’m pissed because you are careless.”
“Careless? How?”
“Taehyung you don’t give a fuck about anything. Your grades, other people, your reputation. You didn’t even hand in your homework today. I already know me and Jimin will be doing all the work.”
“I’m not careless! Ok? I care. And I’ll do my share of the godamn work. Now will you slow down a second, please?” He knew I wouldn’t slow down just because he’d asked, so he stopped my himself, putting his arm out to halt me.
I asked him again, “What do you want?”
“Have you thought about us?” He murmured, suddenly cautious that we were in public. Almost like he was ashamed if anyone he knew saw me with him. “About what happened on Saturday?”
My eyes softened slightly at the memory, but the minute I laid eyes on his signature smirk, the hostility was back. “Not really, no.”
He threw his head back and laughed. “You are such a shit liar.”
“And you are such a shit boyfriend”, I retorted.
“I’ve told you countless times we’re not dating. If you don’t want to believe that, your choice.” He was mimicking my words from earlier, and I narrowed my eyes.
“Oh, jog on”, I huffed.
“Gladly. Once you admit your feelings for me.”
“Oh, I have a whole list of feelings. Humiliated, disrespected, insulted-”
“-That’s not what I meant and you know it.”
I knew what he meant. I just didn’t know what to say or how to say it. He was a player, who wanted everyone to like him, including me. And as much as I hated myself for it, he was slowly succeeding.
“Hello...? Earth to y/n?”
I snapped out of my trance, and looked him coldly in the eye. “Next time, let Sooyoung sit on your desk.” And with that I shrugged his hand off me, and continued walking.
I didn’t need to look back to know that I had finally wiped the smirk off his face.
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Finally wiped that smirk off his face
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