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Pairing: Reader X Kai School/ Fluff Warning: slight violence Enjoy
After practice I left before everyone to change. As I go in to the dressing I see Kate and Kai's bestfriend Sehun, down each other's throats. At this point I was royally pissed off. Usually I am not the type of person to mind other people's business, but this I could not let go. Before I had the chance to interupt there face eating session I heard Kai voice. His tone was full of shock and pain. He chocked out the words, "How the fuck could you do this to me and even with my bestfriend." Tears welled up in his eyes. Kate responded with a lie. "Oh Sehun kissed me first." Before I realized it I said aloud, "Why are you lying?" After being caught Kate switch the blame onto Kai. " I cheated because you are always busy with, practice and this slut. So I went to Sehun to supply my needs." Sehun said, "Sorry Bro she was too good I guess I was more man for her than you. Indicating his groin. This infurated Kai. I never seen him this angry. He lunged and punched Sehun. They began to fight. I tried my best to get Kai off of him but, it was a fail. So I went and got Kyungsoo, Suho, and Xiumin to break them apart. Once apart Kai had a busted lip while Sehun has a cut in his right cheek, a bloody nose and lip. Snatching away from the hold of the boys Kai left. As he walked passed me I saw tears fall from his eyes. The next week Kai came to school looking as if he was broken. He would sit in class and just stared into space with a blank look. He would ignore everyone and everything around him. Everyday he came to school with new bruisies as if he was constantly fighting. For a week he even missed showcase practice. One night, I was just strolling around the neighbourhood when I saw Kai. He had been kicked out a bar, he was drunk. He tried to fight do the bouncer. I ran and grabbed him and aplogize to the bouncer. I lead Kai away by his arm. We went to the park where I found a bench to sit him down. I yelled at him "What the hell is wrong with you. Getting drunk getting into unnecessary fights, and missing practice.This is not the Kim Jong-in I know." At that moment he broke down into a unbearable sob. With tears falling he choked out, "why...... why me. I loved her. I did everything in my power to make her happy how could she do this to me. " At that point to began to cry too. I pulled him close into my embrace. I held his head to my chest. I said "she didn't deserve you. It is not your fault she could be faithful. I'm sorry this happened but you need to move forward from this." He lifts his head up an looks into my eyes with tears rolling down his cheek. He said " How... how can I ?" I cupped his face using my thumbs to wipe away his tears, I whisper "I'll help you forget." He nodded in agreement. Then I grabbed his hand and we walked to his house.
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