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as most of you play the game Love Live! there's an event going on Melody Festival
my favorite character in Love Live School Idol Project is Nico Yazawa so when there's a chance to get SR of Nico I didn't want to stop playing till I got it. And after 3-4 days of playing I finally got it!
So here are her stats so far but I do like the high chance for her to increase the score and I love her outfit so much!
@AnimeNerdie I have no play with points right now thankfully but that's usually how I play too ^^ I heard that this event will be really hard to get tier 1 or 2 in though, because a lot of people have the overflow LP thing like me!! I'm gonna save up and try for Eli instead :3
@hikaymm what I do is save my hearts for it so I can keep my rank high but also get my points up
@hikaymm I'm saving my hearts now so I will have a lot for the next. I like setting a goal for them too so it keeps me motivated
Ahhh I still need to get mine!! I'm not going to try to tier because i dont have time, but because of the update i had a huge LP overflow (like....1400 LP lol) so i can play till I get her no problem!!!!