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verse 1: they see me standing tall, hoping I fall what they don't understand though you see is my game is planted like a oak tree nobody gonna uproot me cause I'm never gonna get cut down may get cut back by the God that has my back but he won't let me fall cause I mean after all... chorus: i been through hurricanes suffered pain with no novacaine feeling like I'm going insane just brought out my creative brain you can kill a tree but you can't destroy a forest verse 2: when I was younger I always felt a hunger deep inside tried many escapes..women, hate, suicide but I came out a whole lot stronger feeling I can hold on longer I got scars to be sure but I've learned that I can endure because at the end of it all... [repeat chorus] verse 3: feel my roots getting deeper I love this ride..guess she's a keeper better wake up cause your boy ain't a sleeper but I guess I am a agent for change that's why it's so strange to see my lyrics range from truth to just all out deceit but I know I won't face defeat cause the one true is backing and his game ain't ever lacking woo! [chorus x3]
I wrote it while staring at my oak tree lol but thank a lot
well thank you
its awesome
this is awesome! did you write it or who is the song's writer/singer?