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tbh that looks awful...
this would, in theory, work because the unevenly distributed flavors are picked up better by tastebuds (I'm not going to go into more depth because I would bore you all) but, no, i'd have to say that I wouldn't try this, I'm not a big fan of those flavors... man, I would have done so much better in Chemistry last year had the teacher made is about food... 馃槄馃槯
@animerg13 I'm actually interested in hearing how that works...please explain! I promise you, it won't bore me in the least!
@BeannachtOraibh sorry, just saw your comment... but basically, you know how when you are eating something and after a while it just starts to taste kind of bland? well basically, if the flavor depth varies, you won't have this problem, because one bite might be salty, but the next might be spicy. therefore, your tastebuds won't build up an immunity (of sorts) to the flavors in the dish.