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Part 2 _ * _ * _ * 8 days or maybe not... He walked to the small beach near his house. It was 2 am and his house was suffocating him. His damn parents had come home and were in a bad mood again. Truth was he couldn't care less anymore. The physical hits stopped hurting, it was the words thrown that shot him down. 'You ruined our lives! If it weren't for you we would be happy, just die already!' Those words echoed in his head as we walked towards the rushing waves. Perfect way to die. Nobody will think twice... but no one would no matter what. He sighed standing just close enough for the cool water to touch his shoes. The cold air whipped his hair into his face as he just stared taking everything in. "Fuck it, I'll give them an early anniversary present." He walked slowly into vast body of water until his head was completely under. 'No more pain...' in one moment, one moment everything was gone... . . . . . . . . . . . in one moment everything was back... a girl was over top him, soaking wet. There weren't any tears or emotion in her face as she pulled him to a sitting position, resting his back on a nearby bolder. "You said you were interested in coping. You can't just leave after you say you'll stay until I'm gone. You're just as bad as everyone else, leaving too soon." she said in a whisper as if it was too much to talk. "Damn you." he turned on his side to face her. "Funny you should say that." she stood up reaching a hand out to him. "If I'm still going to suffer, so will you for now on. That means we save each other until the right time and then... we let go of everyone and everything, including each other. He grabbed her hand standing up. "And when is this 'right time'?" he questioned staring at her, not letting go of her hand as she led him to an abandoned building. "Eight days..." Her response was short but her voice gave way all the missing pieces. "Has that always been your plan?" She stopped once they reached the roof and turned around to look at him, dropping his hand. "Yes." another short answer. "You want to end it sooner with me?" _ * _ * _ *
A/N: This story makes me hate myself im cruel to myself. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Do you think they'll do it?

eeee so short
@AvisSpirit that's some positive thinking, keep a hold of that haha~
so short, and so sad. I want to stop reading it it's so sad, but I see hope in it that one is gonna save the other and it won't end in 8 days. so I'm gonna hang on
@MariaMontoya1 ik, I'm going to try and make the next one longer haha~