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AHHH! What is going on here!! * Evil laughing In the background* So yeah here is part four hope you enjoy if you have read the other parts they are below in order. Chapter 1 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1587346?shsrc=v chapter 2 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1588586?shsrc=v Chapter 3 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1593627?shsrc=v
The next few years flew by before our eyes as my 15th birthday came up out of no where. Bobby leaving hit me hard, and if it wasn't for Hanbin I don't know what would of happened. He was always there for me no questions asked while he held me crying too many times to count, but my birthday was always the hardest as I recalled the last time I saw Bobby while we drove away. Hanbin hasn't been around much these days with him getting accepted into Yg as a trainee and all so I was alone most of the time now. Hanbin had so much to worry about as it was I couldn't tell him how lonely I felt. I planned to spend my day in bed not wanting to even move when my phone started to buzz loudly pulling my sight sluggishly away from the ceiling. As I slowly moved the phone towards my ear now even bothering to check the Id I heard “ Happy birthday Y/n get out of bed and come answer your door.” The voice sung through the phone causing me to run quickly forgetting about everything else. I quickly flew out the door into the open arms of the person on the other end of the phone. “ I have missed you so much! How is Yg treating you Binnie?” I asked clinging tightly to him since it has been around two months since I last saw him. “ I've missed you too Y/n, and they have been good too me I have been learning so much.” He continued to talk about the other trainees and everything else that had been going on while he was training. “ I thought you weren't going to make it today.” I finally sighed looking towards him sitting on the floor across for me. “ Why wouldn't I, we promised 6 years ago I wasn't about to break my promise.” He smiled brightly while throwing a wrapped box towards me. “ What's this?” I asked shaking it slightly only earning a fit of laughter which I have missed dearly. “ Open it idiot!” He laughed throwing the pillow he was holding towards my head. “ Okay okay!” I laughed quickly tearing into the paper only to find a sheet of paper. Looking at it caused me to remember the letter Bobby had given me 6 years ago. Quickly shaking the thought I started reading the note while Hanbin watched carefully. “ Y/n I promised myself once I got into Yg I would finally gather up the courage and ask you a very important question. So please listen carefully. Y/n I have liked you since the day I first saw you when we were only five years old, and I know how you feel trust me I know. I have been watching over you these past 10 years, but I never wanted to say anything that might ruin our friendship. I am sorry but I have to say this at least once Y/n will you please be my girlfriend?” I wasn't sure if I read the letter right this had to be a joke. “ Is this some joke Binnie?” I asked looking up towards his awaiting eyes. “ No I am serious Y/n.” Was all he said leaving me to my thoughts patiently awaiting my answer. We sat in silence for what felt like entirety while I quickly thought over everything. “ How are you going to date while in Yg?” I said trying to buy myself time to think over everything. “ Well it would be a secret from him of course plus we can just say we are childhood friends if anyone asks.” He smiled as if he thought ever detail out, but knowing him he really did have it all planned. “ All I am asking for is for you to give me a chance if it doesn't work we can always break up.” He said trying his best to hide the fact he was terrified of my answer. “ Binnie you have always been by my side which I am grateful for, but are you sure you really want to date someone like me?” I asked thinking carefully about this not wanting to hurt the only person I had left. “ I want nothing more than to be with you Y/n.” He said not even able to look towards me anymore as his face was bright red. The thought of dating had never crossed my mind before, but watching him I knew my answer as I flew across the room tackling him to the ground. “ Just promise one thing Binnie if this doesn't work please stay my friend I don't ever want to lose you.” I sighed laying my head on him chest as his arms tightly wrapped around me as he released a breath he probably had been holding. “ I promise Y/n. Thank you for saying yes.” He smiled brightly patting my head not wanting to let me out of his arms. “ Idiot this isn't a dream okay.” I laughed reading his mind while sitting up ruffling his hair only for his arms to wrap around me once again from behind as he rested his chin on my shoulder. “ I promise I will never hurt you.” He smiled just as his phone started ringing violently. “ Hanbin how did it go? What did she say?” A voice on the other end asked quickly as soon as he answered the phone. “ Jinhwan I am still with her, but she said yes!” He beamed as I heard a scream through the other side of the phone bringing a smile to my face. “ Oh yeah a new guy was accepted today Hanbin and added into our group you will get to meet him tomorrow all I know is he is from America.” The person called Jinhwan said into the phone before finally getting the hit and saying goodbyes. “Okay so now that my heart has started beating once again, why don't we go eat it's my treat.” Hanbin smiled proudly as if the thought alone was enough to satisfy him. “ Hmm well if it's your treat I want you to cook!” I said smiling brightly while he looked confused. “ Y/n you know I can't cook though.” He stated confused looking while I fought laughter. “ I know, but that's why we should cook together it will be ten times more fun than if we went out.” I smiled brightly pulling him to his feet leading him into the kitchen. We spent the next several hours cooking many random dishes most of which turned out horrible and inedible, but that was the fun of it also most of it wound up all over us as we got into many food fights. It was then that I realized just how much I truly cared for Hanbin. “ You know Binnie you are probably going to be mad, but my parents are basically never home anymore they are always away for work.” I finally confessed unable to meet his eyes just as his arms pulled me against him. “ You should of told me it isn't like we don't talk everyday!” He sighed rubbing my back like he expected me to cry or something. “ You have been working your butt off and have enough to worry about.” I sighed still not looking towards him as his grip tightened. “ Idiot from now on don't hesitate to tell me anything I am your boyfriend now okay. I don't want you to hide anything from me no matter what.” He smiled forcing me to look towards him. “ Okay I promise I won't keep anything from you, but you have to promise the same.” I smiled as if I had won some little game. “ Fine I promise I won't keep anything from you Y/n.” He smirked just before picking me up twirling us around the kitchen. Next thing I knew I was on the floor as Hanbin started tickling me just then my parents came walking into the house. Even though he had met my parents many times before it was always the same he freeze unsure how to act because he didn't want to upset them. “ Hanbin dear I am so glad you were able to come today she has been miserable without seeing you.” My mother smiled walking over towards us. “ I wouldn't miss today for the world Ma'am.” He bowed towards them like he always did before she pulled him in for hug. “ So how did it go?” My dad asked placing a hand onto Hanbin's shoulder causing his face to flush. “ She umm.. Said yes Sir.” He mumbled keeping his eyes on the ground as the tips of his ears were bright red as well. “ Wait my parent's knew?” I asked bewildered as my father wore a smug look. “ Of course we did dear Hanbin came to us a week ago asking if it would be okay to ask you out.” She smiled that all knowing smile all mothers do. Unable to answer I hid my face the best I could as I felt the familiar heat rising to my cheeks just as Hanbin wrapped his arms around me. “ Well It's about time for me to head home otherwise I will get in trouble.” Hanbin smiled while saying his goodbyes heading for the door, but was quickly shocked to see me following him. “ You think you can just leave like that.” I laughed wrapping my arms tightly around him inhaling his scent. “ Who knows when I will see you again.” I pouted. “ I promise you it won't be long.” He smiled ruffling my hair as we parted. “ Let me know when you get home okay?” I smiled watching him walk down the road. “ Oh Yeah Thank you for today it was the best birthday ever!” I yelled causing him to come running back throwing his arms around me. “ Happy birthday Y/n.” He whispered sweetly as he kissed my cheek before turning to leave for real this time. *Hanbin's Pov* “I still can't believe she said yes I have only dreamt of this for 10 years.” I thought to myself as I made my way towards the training room to meet the new member, but once I entered the room I couldn't move as my eyes landed on the other person in the room. “ No it can't be.” I whispered to myself just as his eyes landed on mine. “ Binnie is that you?” The voice said coming closer as tears brimmed in my eyes. “ Bobby?” Was all I could muster as if I would shatter this dream. “ Yeah I am back I told you we would be in the same group!” He smiled that all too familiar goofy smile he always did when we were kids as he pulled me in for a hug. “ You two know each other?” Jinhwan asked looking between the two of us confused. “ Well yeah we are childhood friends along with Y/n the girl I was telling you about.” Bobby smiled as reality smacked me. Bobby was in love with Y/n, Y/n was in love with Bobby, and now he was back. “ Speaking of Y/n how is she doing?” Bobby asked his arm still tightly around my neck. “ She is good Happy birthday by the way.” I smiled trying to hide my feelings. “ That's good I was worried about her.” Was all he said, but I knew that tone. “ You aren't going to see her, or let her know you are back?” I said looking towards him as he hid behind that smile of his. “ You could always read me like a book Binnie.” He sighed running his hand through his now grown out hair turning his back towards me. “ Don't tell her please I can't face her.” Was all he muttered before walking towards the restroom tears falling from his eyes.
Bobby! T.T Why what's going on don't cry! ( i say this like I don't know xD) I hope you guys are enjoying it.
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so like wtf lol
love it+!!
@KpopQueenaBee 😈😈 it's about to get a lot more complicated is all I am going to say lol
He just asked to be the boyfriend tho.. I don't think he's gonna say anything and she gonna get mad at him for it
@SaraHanna Thank you! 😄 just wait it gets worse or better 😈 @punkpandabear I am always writing for it I should have the next one soon 😉
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