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Stops you on the street and asks you to take a group photo for them
Leans over your shoulder to show you how to use the camera
Keeps making goofy faces at you while you try to take the picture
Asks you where they should go for lunch
Invites you to go along to lunch
Walks beside you and grabs your hand for just a moment when nobody is looking
Sits beside you
Sits across from you and keeps trying to be cute while asking for bites of your food
Gives you half of his dessert after you decided not to order any
Picks up your phone when you leave the table for a moment and takes ridiculous selfies
Takes a turn playing with your phone and you catch him leaving a voicemail for a random person in your contacts
Tells the others that he forgot something in the restaurant so that he can run back and catch up with you to walk you home
I've never tried to make one of these before so I hope it works okay!
@AlittleJoy it really is but no Jungkook πŸ˜” All the other six but not my bias...what does it mean...
@melz064 this is cute <3
1.Jin 2.Jin 3.taehyung 4.rapmonster 5.rapmonster 6.Jin 7.yoongi 8.rapmonster 9.yoongi 10.Jin 11.taehyung 12.Jin this what I got I'm so happy