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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon, Kim SeokJin, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung and Min Yoongi, Jeon Jungkook. (Warning) Mild Language.

If you haven't read the previous chapters, I would recommend that you Read them first before reading this one. I'll put the previous chapter in Links below.

Chapter 5: Yoongi's Sad Past.

As I get out of the car, I look up at this old, abandoned building. Namjoon grabs my hand. "this way." He says softly as he leads me inside the building. "Wait." I said "I still have so many questions." I continued. "We'll talk more inside. Now come on, we can't linger out here." He told me. We walk over to a small dark hole in the wall of the old building. He crouches down and crawls inside the hole in the wall as I follow him. As he leads me under ground. we walk up to a big metal door with 'Danger' signs all over it. He opens the door and we both walk in. I'm scared because I don't know where he's taking me. I hear a voice out of Nowhere. "Hey, what are you doing here!?" Said the unknown voice. "Who's that?" I asked Namjoon while scared as I hide behind Him. I see a Man in his pajamas and Pink bunnies slippers walk up to him. He can't see me because I'm hiding behind Namjoon. "Do You know what time is?" He asks in a frustrated tried voice. Namjoon pulls me in front of him. The man stops in mid sentence after shouting at him. "Oh, so this is the girl You've been telling me all about." He Said. "How are you doing? I'm Kim SeokJin, but you can call me Jin." He introduced himself as he shakes my hand. "Hello Jin, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Y/N." I said to him. Jin Starts Looking at my ruined clothes and hair while nodding his head " *Tsk, Tsk Tsk* Namjoon, why didn't you get this poor girl some better clothes?" He asked him sternly. "Just look at her, She's a mess." He continued. "You know what, Jin? You're right. While I was trying to get her life out of danger, I decided I was Going to stop by Macy's on the way, but then ALL of the sudden..." Replied Namjoon Sarcastically. "Oh, Hush!" Jin interrupted. Jin reaches his hand out to grab mine. "Come with me, dear." He said. Jin grabs my hand and leads me in this Huge Room that was decorated nicely and had A lot of places for seating. "There's a spare bedroom over there, you can use it for the night." He said as he pointed to a bedroom. "But, I need to know what's going on with Rachel, and Dr. park, and Why I am here." I Replied. Namjoon walks up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder "you need to get some sleep." He said softly. "You've had a long day. Go get some rest. We'll talk in the morning." He said as he kissed me on the cheek. I walk into the bedroom and pass out on the bed. I wake up the next morning and find a beautiful New outfit lying on the bed. With a note on top that said " I hope this makes up for last night. - Namjoon." That morning I get cleaned up and I try on the new outfit, and it fits just perfectly. I walk out of the bedroom and I find Namjoon and Jin sitting on the couch. "You Look Beautiful!" Said Namjoon. " I have to admit, You look good...a little too good." Said Jin. "I don't like it. She's too Pretty!" Said Jin to Namjoon in a jealous tone. Then I hear a Voice coming from one of the bedrooms. "WHAT THE HELL!?" Says the unknown voice "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, HOSEOK!!!" He Shouts in an Angry voice. Then a Man Runs out of the bedroom as fast as he can. And Closes the door behind him. "Hoseok, did you wake Yoongi up again?" Asked Jin. Hoseok nods his head up and down with a Terrified look on his face. Hoseok sees me and smiles then walks up to me to shake my hand. "Hi, I'm Jung Hoseok. Nice to meet you." He introduced. Then I introduced myself to him. "Sit down, Y/N." Said Namjoon. And we'll tell you everything. I sat down on the couch for hours with all seven of the other test subjects across from me. They repeated everything that Namjoon had told me the night before. "So, Rachel is Dr. Park's Daughter?" I asked. "And Now Dr. park is Looking for me?" I continued to ask. "Dr. Park has been looking for you for years." Said Namjoon. "But Now he's finally Found you." He Continued. When he said that, I was worried that Dr. Park was going to find me. Namjoon saw the fear come upon my Face as he told me that. "Don't Worry, Y/N. They don't know we're here." Said Namjoon while trying to comfort me. "So, if I'm one of you guys, why Haven't I ever Transformed like you all have." I asked them. "Not all of us did." Jin said as he paused. Jin then looks over at Namjoon as he starts hanging his head down. "Namjoon and Yoongi are the only ones who have ever Transformed." Said Jin. "But they held All of us captive because they thought we were all going to be a Threat to society." He Said. "Why only Yoongi and Namjoon" I asked. Namjoon Paused and then Sighed. "Our Emotions were...unstable during the experiment." Said Namjoon. "Unstable? What do you mean?" I asked. Namjoon just sighs and hangs his head down. "He's not ready to talk about it yet." Said Jin. "Actually, any of us can transform if we let our emotions get too unstable."Said Jin. "That's why Namjoon has been watching you for all these years."he continued. "He was trying to keep you from this fate." Jin explained. "As for Yoongi, he was Forced into this life by his parents because they were promised if the Experiment was successful, they would have been given a Large Sum of Money, enough money to last them a life time." Jin explained. "THEY SOLD ME!!!" Screams Yoongi as he Stands up from his seat. "It will be alright, Hyung." Said Jungkook while trying to comfort him. "ALRIGHT!?" Asked Yoongi. "THEY GAVE ME AWAY AS A LAB RAT!!!" He screams. Yoongi begins to cry as he collapses to the Ground. "I was Never Good enough for them, so they sold me to that Horrible man to make a Few Bucks!" Cries Yoongi. As the guys Try to Comfort Yoongi I hear him start Growling. "Y/N, GET BACK!!!" Screams Namjoon as he Jumps up from his seat to protect me. He pulls me away and stands in front of me. I look over at Yoongi from behind Namjoon, and I see all the other guys Backing up. "What's Happening to him?" I ask while terrified. "Level two." Responded Namjoon. I watch while Yoongi's Eyes turn A Bright Glowing Yellow, as his Teeth form into Fangs and he Starts Growing Long Black Claws. Then he Starts arguing with himself."THEY BETRAYED ME!!!" Yoongi Growled. "Kill them!" He Whispered in a Growling voice to himself. "NO...STOP!" Yoongi Shouts to himself. "They won't hurt you anymore." Yoongi Responds to himself. Taehyung ties Yoongi up to a Chair. And Tapes his mouth shut. "It's for your own good, Hyung!" Shouts Taehyung. While I was Terrified at what I just saw, Namjoon Takes me out of the Room, and the other members follow us. "Y/N, It's going to be okay. This happens all the time." Namjoon assured me. "Let's just leave him alone for a little while, and he'll calm down eventually." He said. Then all of the sudden we Hear a Loud Crash! We all run back into the room, the Chair was empty, and the Door had been taken off of the Hinges "Where did he Go? What Happened!?" I ask. Namjoon looks over at me with a Worried look on his face. "Level Three." Said Namjoon.
Oh no, we're going to hell in a hand basket...馃槱馃槻馃槀
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