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I'm pretty sure that everyone, or almost everyone knows about the BTS incidents by now. If not, I'll put a link to a card someone made about it at the end. I just want to make some things really clear right now.

1. they aren't a true fan 2. don't link it to the whole fandom like all of us were in on that shit 3. don't compare us to them 4. don't let them keep winning cause you're still calling them fans 5. fans don't scar idols and have them in fear of just shopping or going for a walk

6. idols need vacations too

If you're a TRUE fan, then let's overpower the bad that's been done to them with the good love we have for them. Show them what true fans are like. This isn't just for BTS, I mean show it for all the groups you're into. Give them all the love and care you can, without going too far or being rude and such to other groups. Do whatever you can to make their times with fans more memorable than the ones with these crazy people (cause I'm sure as hell not calling them fans). Help them forget these incidents. If you are around when something like this happens, help them out (don't just sit there and take pictures/film it.
BTS Ruined Vacation in Sweden! The loving, yet bulletproof boy band we all love had their vacation ruined! Fans of idol groups want...