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Hey guys! Here's part two of my first ever fan fic! (that I wrote myself) (please note that I was listening to FISH by GOT7 while making this so there might be some parts that don't make sense than u know y)

The Day of the Date

While getting ready you realize that you have a text message from BamBam. The message read... "I'll be there in about 45 minutes." Just thinking about BamBam made you blush. His smile,hair,looks, just about everything.Once you were don't getting ready you texted BamBam saying... "I'm ready you can come pick me up any time". After you sent the message, you hear a knock on the door. You look out your window to see BamBam waiting for you. In a rush, you go downstairs to open the door. As soon as you open the door and look at BamBam he was on his phone texting Jackson. You were wondering what they were talking about but you didn't dare to ask. After figuring out what to do you decided to go to a cafe and get some coffee. "Sense I picked you up you haven't talked much.", said BamBam, wanting to start a conversation with you. "Nothing is wrong I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.", you replied. After starting a debate about Batman VS Superman your coffee comes. Than after your coffee came you were happy and laughing at the jokes BamBam made and seeing how happy he was you finally started to feel like you we're on a date. "I'll be back", said BamBam. Noticing that BamBam left his phone. You really wanted to know what BamBam and Jackson were talking about. So, as soon as you couldn't see BamBam you look at his phone, turn it on and go to his messages app. Finally finding Jackson's name you click on it, just scanning through the texts you see little pieces saying stuff about you. One text that BamBam sent even said.."Relax, I'm only going on a date with her because you said she really likes me." After reading that one text, you started balling tears. You also felt anger. Just waiting for BamBam to get back from the bathroom, you wait in anger.
Next Part will be out by Thursday of this Week! I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you would like to be tagged or not. @BlackJackXXX @tiffany1922 @JaxomB
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Oohhhh, climatic!!!! I can't wait till Thursday!!!