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This one goes out to all of you who call your dogs 'Stinky Butt', 'Stupid', and 'Dumbass'.

You know who you are.
well. what could I say. in my comment I said that " that I feel sad about looking at the pic" after that being curse for no reason. peace to ur heart and ur soul @DenisseSanchez
I call mine ugly, dirty butt, fat butt, apple butt, stinky mouth, stupid, dumb ass.. I don't know lol but he always comes back and wags his tail
whoa this is the first time I've been curse like that whoooaaa
I have been guilty of calling my dogs stupid and fatty, I feel really bad about it now lol
@DenisseSanchez wow not cool yo. calling us piece of shits. I would kill a human before harming an animal and I'm the bad guy? my animals eat better than I do. plus I sometimes i starve to make sure they have food. so fuck off.
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