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This one goes out to all of you who call your dogs 'Stinky Butt', 'Stupid', and 'Dumbass'.

You know who you are.
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i actually always call my puppy smart and cute... I have never... oh wait. I call her snoopy cause she's always looking for food
lay off the cocaine @DenisseSanchez
and the reason I have a dog is that the shelter was going to put it down because dogs that bite get put down. @DenisseSanchez
@danidee not sure but she only responds to it if I call her that. she knows her name so she responds to me. and i usually say it while scratching her and loving on her!! and she just loves to be loved!
@DenisseSanchez wow not cool yo. calling us piece of shits. I would kill a human before harming an animal and I'm the bad guy? my animals eat better than I do. plus I sometimes i starve to make sure they have food. so fuck off.