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Men Try High Heels for a Day

Now before you say "but women don't HAVE to wear heels," remember that in many cases women actually DO have to wear heels.

Take the recent example of Julia Roberts at Cannes Film Festival protesting the heel rule by taking off her shoes on the red carpet.
Women, no matter who they are or what they did to deserve the right to go to the festival, will be turned away immediately if they aren't wearing heels.
Many companies require heels as part of the dress code (many flight attendants and other service industry jobs...)

Guys: Would you wear heels? Do they make women more attractive?

Ladies: Do you wear heels? Do you feel forced to or are they fun?

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Thank You! @sophiamor I'll be sure to read up all I can before doing so, lol.
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@sophiamor I only wear them to like social events or banquets but can I tag you in this one card where this guy from a boy group walking and spinning in heels?
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Funny joke
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