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LeBron James should be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

During Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, this happened. A scuffle first broke out between Biyombo and Thompson. Thus, the entire squad came together including LeBron. And in the midst of the scuffle, LeBron got elbowed in the face and he fell back just about 100 feet.

But if you look closely, guess who hit him?

That's right. It was his own teammate, Tristan Thompson.

But his moves even fooled the officials and they called a Flagrant 1 on DeMarre Carroll who had absolutely nothing to do with LeBron's fall, other than the fact that he was standing next to Thompson.
Here is a complete guide to LeBron's flopping!

Should LeBron be nominated for best actor for his performance last night? I would say, yes.

He overreacts so much......thought he wanted to be just like MJ! Then man up LeBron!
smh...honestly, the refs are horrible this postseason.
@AliBubba I know seriously....I mean I like LeBron but that was just too much.
NBA refs need an oberhaul, calling a flagrant on Carrol is an insult to our intelligence as viewers.