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I don't know how they do it...

I swear, there must be a formula or something!! *rant of sorts*

It seems to me that the level for the Weekly Top 20 users for BTS exploded as soon as they made their comeback. I haven't been checking regularly but I remember when they were mostly Level 3's. Now, we have Level 7's and 6's!

I know perks haven't been introduced...

(yet!) for users with the highest of Chemi Scores, but I still want to know how to level up a little bit quicker :// Where do you see your Chemi Score anyway!??

I probably shouldn't be whining...

*has Level 3 with BTS* but the points are coming in at such a slow pace no matter how many (live) videos I watch, how many comments I leave, how many times I share/visit, and how many hearts I shoot. Maybe, I'm not working hard enough. (눈_눈) visit everyday? every hour? spam the comments & their homepage? There must be a knack to it like there is to increasing your chance for a fansign... P.S. Sorry if I offend anyone!!!


Some Dance Monster for the soul because I'm learning Fire choreo and it's KILLING me ;v;

BTS just like to go on at random times WITHOUT WARNING
How does one level up 😭😭😭😭
@Badtz 😒FOR REAL like I love you but I need sleep
watching live, replay, hearts, share, and mostly visits, I have a good one for got7, it takes a lot of time =/
@woahdertierra IKR. especially when they broadcast at 3 AM >_<
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