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VIXX needs to take a REST you guys.

An hour ago, VIXX was holding their first concert in Mexico...until Ravi fainted.

Leo and Ken ran offstage to assist, N and Ken told fans everything is fine Ravi just needs rest, and then they ended the concert early because Ravi wasn't fit to continue...

Only 4 members were left on stage for the last song of the night


Please tweet at the boys that Starlights aren't mad at them!

Right now all the tweets are just wishing the boys get well soon and the Starlights in Mexico are being really understanding. Let's make sure VIXX knows we still love them! (You can see the tweets HERE)

Here are some things to tweet at them:

괜찮아요! - It's okay!

수고했어요! - You worked hard!

푹 쉬세요! - Rest deeply!

라비와 빅스 화이팅! - Ravi and VIXX fighting!!!

Social Handles -

Get well soon, boys!

Ravi noooooo 😭 omg I hope he's ok, I hope they are all ok, they don't need to push themselves this much for us, I want Vixx to be happy and healthy above all else, please get better soon 💙💙💙😰
take a rest my sweet Ravi😢
Aww poor Ravi :"(
@Namjoonsbutt I started Crying when I saw this at first. I was scared.
just the notification I got from this made my heart stop for a second I hope he feels better soon
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