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My BFF List: Idols I Want to Be Friends With
Sure there are tons of idols I WANT TO MARRY AND GROW OLD WITH (hakyeon) but there are soooo many more idols I think would just make really awesome friends!

Below are some idols I would love to spend the day with, text about stupid things, and just talk to!!!

Baro & Sandeul from B1A4

Ken from VIXX

J-Hope from BTS

Hyerin from EXID

Eunji from A Pink

Seungkwan from Seventeen

Taehyun from WINNER

The list could go on FOREVER.

Who are some of your best friend biases?

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ohh i love your list!! Hmm for me it would be Amber, Mark & Jackson(got7), B-Bomb(Block B), Heechul(suju), J-Hope (BTS) this list can go on forever~ haha
a year ago·Reply
I will love to make friends with IISUPERWOMANII aka Lilly Singh. She is a popular youtuber from Canada.
a year ago·Reply
Honest ly, I would be friends with BTS, got7 bambam, and also twice. I feel that BTS is like me: weird, fun, and loving. I also think all you guys would be friends too. Because you guys are loving to me!
a year ago·Reply
Chanyeol from exo, hightop from bigflo, Jimin, V and J-hope from BTS
a year ago·Reply
Baekhyun, Suho, Xiumin, and Chen from EXO. J-Hope, Jin, Rap Monster, V, and Suga from BTS. Heechul from Super Junior. All of GOT7. And the list continues ^-^
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