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So I'm sure you all heard, our sweet Raviboo fainted during the recent VIXX concert in Mexico.
Let's send our sweet Ravi some get well messages and good vibes. VIXX desperately needs rest amd hopefully they can get enough soon (and maybe SUITABLE OUTFITS FOR HEAT COME ON) So lets send Ravi and all of VIXX lots of love, I'm sure they must think they disappointed everyone there but they need to know health comes first.
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they need a safe vacation
I Was Literally Bawling my eyes out about this news. 😢 please take Care of yourself, Ravi. ❤️❤️❤️ get well soon.
They work too hard just to please us, their Starlights. They have already pleased us, impressed us, and stolen our hearts. They need and deserve their rest. VIXX!!! Fighting!!!❤️
ooh man .. hope he is doing better..😔😦
Poor Ravi. I hope he gets to rest and take it easy and he feels better soon. 💖