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WARNING: LONG (song lyrics) / Adult Situations & Humor
Before he leaves that night he tells you about plans for the next day.
“We’re going to combine our plans with Jak and Ji. So pack an overnight bag and I’ll pick you up after work okay?”
“Do I need anything fancy?"
"We’ll be eating at Ji’s restaurant so maybe something for that. That okay?”
You nod, “Yep, I just need to know what to pack.” You lean up on tip toes and kiss him goodbye.
When Jak walks in the door, you pounce. “Has Ji said anything else to you?”
“No and it’s driving me crazy!" She turns on you, "Why? Did you find something out?”
“Apparently we are to pack an overnight bag and are flying to Jeju Island. Isn’t that where Ji’s restaurant is?”
Jak nods and suddenly her eyes get huge, “SHOOT!”
She pulls out her phone and you can hear her counting, “AHH!”
She flips to her schedule, “I might have time before they come get us, what time did Gil say we were leaving?”
“He said he’d pick me up after work, why? What’s wrong?”
She looks up at you, “Wait a minute. How long have you and Gil been going out?”
You shrug, “Pfft. From the first time or when he stopped being an ass?”
She ignores you and looks back at her calendar mumbling,
“I picked you up this day,” and you can hear her counting again.
“You need to meet me at lunch tomorrow for some really quick shopping.”
“For? He said I didn’t need to buy a new dress.”
“Ugh. I didn’t even think about that. Okay, one thing I may have failed to mention about the whole Korean couple thing? They celebrate a lot of things and I mean, A LOT of things. One of which would be; 100 and 200 day anniversary's. If I counted right, this weekend would be you and Gil’s 100 day anniversary and Ji and I’s 200. Couples don’t really buy gifts for each but do something thoughtful.”
“Then why are we going shopping?”
“If they’re flying us to Jeju, I think a little pampering and new lingerie is thoughtful, don’t you?”
You simply ask for half a day off and text Gil to pick you up at the apartment instead of the office. He and Jiyong arrive together to gather the two of you. Both guys smile when they see the two of you.
Gil picks up your hand, “Did a little pampering today? I like the nails.”
As he leads you out the door he leans over and whispers in your ear,
“Can’t wait to see what else you had done.”
Dinner at Jiyong’s restaurant was really nice. By the time you got there and dinner was served, you had a beautiful view of not only the sea but of the sunset. Ji had closed down the entire restaurant; he and Jak were on one side, with you and Gil on the other.
When the conversation lags you bring up the question that’s been nagging at you.
“So what were our plans going to be?”
He smiles over at you and takes your hand. “Something similar, but this is definitely a better setting then I had found.”
During dessert, as you feed him you manage to say, “By the way; Happy 100th day anniversary.”
He licks his lips and leans across to give you a kiss. “Jak figured it out didn’t she?”
You nod, “Why didn't you tell me? I’d have felt terrible!”
“I wanted it to be a surprise, and it still will be.”
You look over at him suspiciously. “What will be? This trip isn’t the surprise?”
He just smiles and takes another bite of the dessert.
“It won’t be a surprise if I tell you now will it?”
You hear a squeal from the other side of the restaurant and glance over at Jak and Jiyong. He looks rather pleased with himself and Jak actually looks stunned. It’s hard to get her to show any emotion, Jiyong has reason to be proud.
“Looks like Jak just got her surprise. Come on, let’s go. The longer we sit here the more nervous I get.”
You look over at him, “Nervous? Why would you be nervous?”
He shakes his head, grabs your hand and waves goodbye at Jiyong. One car had met the four of you at the airport but a second one has arrived while you were in eating. After a little bit of a drive the car pulls up in front of The Shilla Jeju. You look around, impressed with what you’re seeing.
You pull him down to you, “We don’t need somewhere like this. Are you sure?”
He laughs, “Don’t expect it for the 200 or 300.”
He’s made you wait over by the elevators while he checks in. He seems to be taking a little bit longer than necessary; you really hope there isn’t a problem. When he reaches your side, he takes your hand and pulls you into the elevator. He says nothing on the ride up; your curiosity is getting the best of you. He looks over at you fidgeting and laughs, “Just a few more minutes”.
When you reach the hotel room he takes out a scarf and blindfolds you.
“Just go with it.”
He guides you into the room and stands you by the closed door.
“Wait until I say to remove it okay?”
You simply nod and try to figure out what he’s doing by the sounds he’s making. You hear something clicking and smell smoke. Smoke? You hear a zipper and something that sounds like a guitar tuning. You tilt your head when you hear him say,
You reach up and pull off the scarf. You’re met with a dark room, candles creating a path to the bed with other candles on the nightstands. On the side of the bed he sits; a guitar in his lap. As you stare, stunned and try to take it all in, he begins to play and serenade you. It takes you just a moment but you realize, he’s singing in English, just for you. Your feet carry you over to him as your heart bursts open and tears fill your eyes. Words. He’s singing the words to you that you’ve waited to hear.
I am so blind, I
I-I-I-I-I'm so blind, I
Yes! You’re my life
It’s brand new love (hey hey hey hey)
Filling in my heart further
Yeah.. you already know..
I can’t see ahead
I only have you
Even a single flower looks like you
My eyes are crazy over you
I am so blind, love is so blind
Only you live in my eyes
Baby no lie, I never lie
Only you beat in my heart
Lady I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl) no lie
I have no night
Because you shine
I turn the lights off and dream but you’re still smiling
I’m crazy for you
I am so blind, love is so blind
Only you live in my eyes
Baby no lie, I never lie
Only you beat in my heart
Lady I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl) so blind
I'm blind (I love you girl) no lie
I close my eyes but I only see you
In this noisy world, I can only hear you
Baby girl, you know what I mean
You are my light, you are my path
Hold my hand so I can walk
I will love you even if I go blind
Please melt my heart that has been trapped and hardened
Inside my dark heart, inside my cold tears
You shone a light onto my future
So the world looks beautiful to me
I have you because everything has changed
So bright you’re so bright
Oh girl, you’re so dazzling
Love you I love you
Please be my girl baby
I am so blind, love is so blind
Only you live in my eyes
Baby no lie, I never lie
Only you beat in my heart
Lady I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl)
I'm blind (I love you girl) so blind
I'm blind (I love you girl) no lie
The reason I’m happy for having eyes
Is because I can see you
The reason I’m happy for having eyes
Is because I can go blind for you
I can only see you
As he finishes, he barely has time to put the guitar down before you launch yourself at him. Tears mingling with your kiss. He pulls back and wipes your tears away with his thumbs.
“I hope those are happy tears?”
You are now at a loss for words, you can only smile and nod.
“Good.” He takes a deep breath and reaches over behind one of the candles. A ring box appears and you look up at him questioningly. He opens it to reveal couple rings.
“I wish I could have said it to you earlier. I wanted to, I felt it, I’m sorry.”
You reach over and touch his face shaking your head.
“No sorry’s. You’ve shown me, in so many ways.”
“Which I intend to keep doing, but I’m ready now.” He reaches over and slides one of the rings onto your finger then hands you the box.
“I’m ready to tell the world that we're a couple. That you’re mine and I’m happy to be yours. These make it official. Will you be my girlfriend officially?”
Tears start again unbidden, reality with this man has always been so much better than any dream ever was. You take the matching ring out and slide it onto his finger.
“Saranghae” you whisper as you lean in with a kiss.
Pulling back and wiping away more tears he smiles; looks you straight in the eyes and says,
“Saranghae Jagi.”
GDragon's Restaurant on Jeju Pic 1 & 2
Sunset over the Sea on Jeju Pic 3
The Shilla Jeju Pic 4 & 5
Kyungil & Your Couple Rings
Jak's Promise Ring
Song he sings to you...but obviously slower with acoustic guitar ;)
So awesome! I wanna go to Jeju so badly! Love the sweet song, the couple rings, and that promise ring is perfection!
and that gif his ass oh gosh
but oh my gosh i die again.
oh yay for best friends who remember
Gosh darn it Jak what else haven't you told us 😂😂😂
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