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It has been 4 years since my #1 bias group debuted and I am so happy for them! I may not have been a fan all 4 years, but they were one of the first groups that got me into KPOP and I have said that a lot on here. I don't regret it all either. Lol. So, with that being said, let's take it back from the beginning with their debut and end it with a BANG! Hehehehehe ;)
Vixx's debuted with their song "Super Hero" this day last year. Leo was wearing a see-through shirt, my bias Hongbin had long hair, N had a ball of fluff on his head, and Ken is still Ken. LOL. Hyuk and Ravi are so cute too!!!! The song is so fun and I dance to it every time, as well as their comebacks after this which I am about to get to! This was probably the best debut song in 2012, I would know if I was a KPOP fan back then.
Now on to their first comeback from August of 2012!!!!! I loooooovvvveeeeee Rock Your Body!!!!!!!! I'll be singing it at random times around the house and do the "dance to the left to the right" part of the choreography. DON'T JUDGE ME! I loved the video game concept of the MV and I wish Vixx would just pop out of my phone or computer screen into my room too. Lol. Or how they popped out of the arcade game, I would have loved that.... A lot.

2013..... You guys know what's next right?

Yep, you guessed it!!!!!!!!! The group's first dark concept with On and On in April 2013! I absolutely loooovvveee this song!!! The MV, to me at first, was weird, but after watching it more I grew to love it!!! The boys captivate me with their eyes and I loved their hair in this MV as well!!!

The second part of their dark concept with Hyde!!! OMG this one absolutely kills me!!!! They may say "just gain control" but I couldn't keep hold of my self control when I saw this! I love how Hyuk is getting a lot of solo shots in the MV and I love the parts with the snake and the creepy crawlies. What's next? Hmmmm........
Oh yeah!!!!!! One of the sweetest songs ever!!!!! They are so cute!!!! Need I say more?!
This one isn't one I am crazy for, but it's so cute and sweet!
ONLY U ONLY U ONLY U!!!!! You can't forget about this one guys!!! They all look so good!!!! UGH I'm nearly dead!!!

And we all know what came out after this don't we???? >_<

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE VIXX SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO "VOODOO DOLL"!!!!!!! This song is what got me into the KPOP world!!!!! I still listen to it today!!!! I always watch this MV when I have a chance to because it's so so so good!!!! Some may disagree, but everyone has their opinion's right?
Eternity and Error both made me cry so much!!!!!!!! Error makes me cry still when I listen to it because of it's deep meaning. :'(
LOVE EQUATION!!!!!!! I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG AND MV!!! They are so cute and the song is so happy and upbeat and sweet... And did I mention cute???
"Like a fool I freeze, armor down..." Their 2015 comeback "Chained Up". Three words... I LOVE IT!!!!
And LASTLY..... You can see my card on this mv
I'm sorry this was so long guys!!!!! I wanted to do something special for VIXX and since I'm going to be back to working long hours, I wouldn't be able to post this any other time! I hope you guys like this card even though it's really long. And one last thing, Ravi fainted at their concert in Mexico today or yesterday, so tweet him and the group to let them know we love them and hope for Ravi is doing well and getting lots of rest. I hope VIXX has many many more years together and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table next comeback! Again, sorry this was really long!!!!