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YAH WHY DO U HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME IDK DDDX about.....ummmmm...... Jimin would be such a good dancer and we would have a great time but then again he seems like he would be a chick magnet everywhere we went, Tae bc he would keep me laughing but then again he seems like he would get distracted and leave for a big group of people to keep them laughing So I guess Jungkook He is closest to my age and he wouldn't talk to other girls he would include me with his friends and he is a great dancer and seems like a great guy (Most likely) ❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏼️✌🏼
@AlittleJoy I would probably faint on the spot. Jungkook, Jimin AND V all at the same time! That's too much for my poor heart! But in all honesty, I think I would choose Jungkook because: 1. He's my bias 2. He's a good dancer even though I feel like Jimin would be like a fish in the water on the dance floor while Jungkook will stick to me and dance along to the rhythm I set 3. I could spend all night just looking at him and laughing at his occasional dorkyness (he's just so cute! >□<) And 4. Well...I just can't say no to Jungkook, I CAN'T!
I would rather ask jin or rap mon since we both can't dance but ill take tae because we can have fun just by his dorkiness alone
I don't mind a foursome, you know? XD
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