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This card is most likely completely unnecessary, as I'm sure everyone is already aware of this but here it goes. As I'm sure everyone is aware, Ravi fainted during Vixx's most recent concert in Mexico.

Starlight's have been asking for a while that Vixx get some much needed rest and I hope that this is what finally get's them that rest! I'm sure Vixx feels disappointed that things turned out this way, so let's send them some very nice messages and let them know that it's okay. Starlights aren't angry with them, and we just hope that Ravi as well as the others are resting now!

Poor Ravi I think I speak for all us Starlights in saying Please get some rest guys we love you and look forward to seeing you, but only when your at your best....meaning when your rested and healthy. Not exhausted and pushed to to far. we understand if you need a few weeks to recoup and regroup. Just keep us updated on instagram or Twitter every now and again. We love you VIXX
Get better soon RAVIIIIIII
Get better Ravi!!!! We all hope you heal well and stay healthy!!! Don't miss meals and get lots of sleep!!