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So when I was in high school, I was a TOTAL pizza face. I had the worst acne ever, and my mom would always tell me that as I got older, my skin would clear up and go back to normal.
Now that I'm 30, I've got to say she's about 80% right. My skin's gotten clearer, but there's still pretty bad breakouts from time to time.

How about you guys? Did you ever have a bad skin stage? Have you outgrown it, or are you anything like this guy?

wait what you're 30
Luckily, I've never had one. Maybe a few pimples every now and then, but never to the extreme hahah
@ebethoven OMG you didn't know that this entire time? Hahah this is like when you didnt know I was a girl.
I was for free from birth to highschool it was after graduating that I began breaking out but only on my jawline and underneath my hair sometimes the occasional face zit so im ok ^-^
if I don't cut my hair the oil will cause super bad breakouts on my forehead
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