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The next morning at breakfast Ravi confronts Leo.
“Why didn’t you tell me hyung?”
Leo looks over at him with no emotion, just waits for him to finish.
“Don’t pull the silent treatment with me. How long?”
N looks between them, “Ravi what’s the matter? What are you going on about?”
Ravi looks over at Leo, “Are you going to tell him or do I?”
Leo simply raises an eyebrow and tilts his head.
“Just tell us Ravi, what are you making into such a big deal?”
Ravi looks over, “I don’t know, I think we all think it’s a big deal since we’ve all been waiting for it to happen.”
That stops all the chopsticks in mid-air, five pair of eyes turn to Leo. He simply looks down, puts his food in his mouth and proceeds to chew.
“Leo? Are you dreaming?”
He looks up at Ravi, than switches his gaze to N. He simply nods and goes back to his breakfast.
The whole table suddenly erupts. “Who is it?”
“Have you met her in this life yet?”
“Is it everything we were told it would be?”
N silences them. “You’re the first Leo. I'm sure we all have questions. But we understand if it’s too personal to share. Will you at least tell us who?”
Leo raises his eyes again to Ravi, “She told you.”
He nods, “She was asking me about you. They way you kept staring at her." He gives a small laugh, "I thought maybe she was crushing on you until she said you were in her dream the night before." He looks over with pained eyes, "I was hoping to dream of her. I’ve been trying all semester,” claims as he throws his napkin down.
Hongbin interrupts, “You know it doesn’t work that way Ravi. We’ve all had females we’ve wanted it to be, it isn’t our choice.”
Ravi scrubs his face, “But why [YN]?" He back at Leo, "How many times?”
At the mention of your name sounds of shock start.
“[YN]? The friend you brought home last week and introduced to us?”
Ravi nods, eyes never leaving Leo’s face, still waiting for his answer.
Leo finally puts his chopsticks down and looks up at his brothers.
“You'll know when you see them. I opened the door and there she stood. It was an instant recognition. I had to stop myself from coming right out and grabbing her.”
Eyes open wide at this confession.
He nods, "It is a strange feeling and very overwhelming."
He looks over at Ravi, “It started that night and then again last night.”
Ravi looks up at the ceiling cussing under his breath. “So it’s consummated and everything?”
Leo nods, “She is mine. We belong to each other.”
“How do I explain that to her? “
“It is not for you to explain. I explained some last night.”
“And she’s okay with it?”
He shrugs, “It is what is. That there is a connection can be felt by both of us.”
Ravi still looks unhappy, so Leo adds, “It is consensual for everyone. The females always have a choice.”
Hyuk scoffs across the table, “And if they say no? What? We spend the rest of our lives alone and without our true mate?”
“The mere fact that they are your true mate should be felt by both. Perhaps some just require more time, more dreams, or meeting in person.”
Everyone turns to N at this admission. “Hyung? What are you saying? Have you been dreaming?”
He nods sadly, “For well over a year now. I have yet to meet her in this state. We are not consummated as Leo and [YN]. I fear she may still be young.”
No one knows what to say to that, all eyes go back to their breakfast. A few timid bites are only taken; appetites seem to be lost.
I got that Twilight feeling too! The imprinting, the true mates! They have dreaming with the connection. Poor N been dreaming of his true mate for a year now wow! Awww and Ravi...😔. Like they said, they have no choice in the matter it just happens! This is getting so good, can't wait for the next update!😊
So what are they? Werewolves? Or are they just dreamers?
Ooooo!!! So good. Poor N Oppa, that part kinda feels like the wolves of Twilight series, poor thing
So awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My poor Ravi though...
So Leo and "I" are soul mates, and N also knows his, but hasn't met her in real life? That's what I'm getting
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