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Let's begin this week of heartbreak shall we..?

Who will be the next member?
You walked through the halls of the building looking for your manager. You worked at a very popular restaurant that was frequented by many celebrities. It only became busy recently after your dating scandal broke out with Namjoon.
“Y/N-ah,” he called from the office, waving his hand to signal you to come in.
You walk inside, leaving the door open a pinch accidentally.
“They told me you were looking for me?” you ask, staring at him. “Namjoon is waiting for me outside, can this be quick please?”
“You’re hanging out with him again? Don’t you think this has gone on long enough? It’s game over Y/N.”
Namjoon’s POV
He waits down the hall, pacing back and forth. He was looking forward to the date he had planned out. It has been weeks since you two have actually hung out. You were always busy taking extra shifts at work and he just recently made his comeback.
What’s taking her so long, he thought, looking at his clock and realizing you were talking with your manager for over twenty minutes. He walks towards the door, standing beside it and waiting.
“We made a deal Y/N-ah,” he overheard your boss say, catching his attention.
“I clearly said if you date Namjoon long enough to bring in business, I’ll give you a raise and you can break up with him.”
“What?” he mumbled, shocked. His mind was going into a frenzy. He didn’t know what to think. Was it a joke?
“I know,” he heard you reply halfheartedly. “But—”
“Y/N-ah…don’t tell me you actually like him.”
Namjoon walks away, realizing this was in fact completely real. He didn’t know what to do at all. He walked towards and away from the door dozens of times. Should he confront you now? After the date? Before? Should he do it here or at home? Or should he wait until you fess up to the whole thing?
Your POV
“I actually fell for him,” you mumbled, looking away from your boss.
“Y/N,” he sighed, a bit frustrated, “A break up will give us even more spotlight.”
You shook your head, refusing to accept his offer.
“Okay, go home and think about it. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You walk out the room with your boss, taking one foot out and immediately running into Namjoon.
“You two have fun,” he called out before walking away.
You look at your boyfriend and you could instantly tell there was something wrong.
“What?” you ask innocently, trying to hide the sound of your heart pounding against your chest. He heard, you thought.
He didn’t answer but instead stared at you with disgust.
“What’s wrong,” you whine, trying your best not to give yourself away. You hug him and he immediately went stiff.
“How about you tell me,” he shot back, gently detaching you from him and taking a step back.
He heard, you thought, he heard, he heard, he heard.
“Namjoon…” you begin, debating whether you should come clean. You were clearly hesitating and that angered him even more.
“I can’t believe you,” he began, raising his voice.
“I can explain,” you reply, voice slightly shaking. You watched his face begin to tense firsthand and it was terrifying. Every bone that was able to clench did just that, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pressed together as if it was suppressing something.
“Just looking at you pisses me off,” he shoots out, staring straight into your eyes. “I had so much respect for you but you were just—”
“Namjoon, listen—”
“NO! YOU LISTEN!” he yells, balling his hands into fists. “YOU LIED TO ME!”
“Namjoon, I really didn’t mean for this to happen…” you mumble, beginning to tear up.
“Of course you didn’t mean for this to happen! You didn’t expect me to find out!!” His voice was gradually getting louder as he started to loose his temper.
“I was going to tell you,” you reply, holding back your tears.
“We’re in public Namjoon-ah…” you nearly whisper, scared that you’d start crying soon.
“Oh so if it involves embarrassing YOU then we have to watch ourselves but you’re allowed to lead ME on, have me FALL IN LOVE and then break up with me all in the public eye?! THAT’S OKAY?!”
Your eyes started to burn so you blinked, releasing the tears.
“How was I so stupid to date someone as REVOLTING as you? YOU USED ME!”
You stood there, hands held in front of you and cried. There’s no stopping his rage now.
“Go ahead and cry! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” he continues, still not breaking eye contact. “You tricked me into falling in love with you! Did you not ONCE think about my feelings?!”
You stared blankly, lips pressed together to subdue the whimpers.
“ANSWER ME!” he screamed, throwing his water bottle at the wall. “ANSWER. ME.”
You flinched, not knowing how you should respond.
“…I…I feel in love with you…”
“LIAR,” he spits out, holding himself back. “You’re such a LIAR. All you want is money, you gold digger!”
“No,” you mumble, wiping away your tears. “Really, I did.”
“I hate you.” he replies simply, quietly. There was no more emotion. His tone said it all. He really did have nothing but hatred for you right now.
“I HATE YOU,” he repeats, this time with more force.
He rips off the couple necklace he had on and throws it in the trash, causing it to break into pieces. He pulls out his wallet and rips the picture of you two he kept with him right in front of you, trying to prove his point. It definitely worked. You look on, crying.
“Cry. Go ahead and cry. You have NO IDEA what I’m feeling right now. Just standing here and having to look at you is driving me insane.”
He turns around and storms out the restaurant, leaving you to cry.


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Oh wow....I almost cries for him like I'm literally pissed and sad geezus wow just wow I must admit that broke my heart
Oh lord Namjoon only you ca. make me feel this way and make me cry 💔💔💔 I choose Jhope I wanna see how my sunshine can do in angst week.
@sarahdarwish yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss!!!
Was that shit lit fam?
Dang...... That's literally all I can say 😐
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