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Let us enjoy this nice fluff before tomm. Sweet dreams all! :)
OH. Namjoon is first to be sacraficed tomm
Amusement parks were always so cliché. Want a first date? Amusement park. Want to go out with friends? Amusement park. Want to take the kids out? Amusement park. Want to take your girlfriend on a super special date for your fifth month? You guessed right, amusement park.
It wasn’t that you didn’t like them, you did enjoy the feeling of being there, the energy of the crowds, the food, the games, the way everything was made to have fun, but there was this tiny detail with amusement parks that got you on your nerves: you were absolutely and incredibly terrified of roller coasters.
Those big and hideous monsters were only made to a terrorize people, more specifically you. But of course, your boyfriend Taehyung had already made plans for this amazing and perfect date. You recalled the whole thing while roaming through your closet in the search of something cute to wear.
-Oh jagi∼ I’m so excited for tomorrow, it’ll the best ever- he said those words over the phone last night before telling you the plan.
-I seriously can’t wait Tae, I don’t know what you have planned but I already love it-
-You will, imagine this jagi- he said coughing a little so his voice could sound like one of a storyteller. –You and me at Lotte World, eating all the delicious food- just by saying that he’d got you giggling and dreaming about it. –We’ll go over the whole park and go to ALL the rides-
-Even the carrousel Tae? - You had asked teasing him.
-Of course! And the tea cups too-
You laughed at his enthusiasm for the silly cars, but in your heart you knew those were pure fun. –I’m all in, at what time should I be ready? –
He made that thinking sound with his throat that you found so sexy and you sighed, falling for every little detail of him. –What was that? - You could hear the chuckle in his voice.
-Nothing babo, you were thinking about the time-
-Oh yes, I think you should be ready at four-
-Isn’t that a bit too late? -
You could almost hear him pout. –I have schedule until two. I’m sorry-
You wanted to hit yourself, of course he had schedule, and that was totally ok. You knew that being his girlfriend meant that you had to accepted his work too. –I forgot baby, at four it’s perfect-
-Remember to wear pants Y/N, I want to go to the new roller coaster with you, remember? The one that is taaall like a building- oh god you nearly got dizzy just by hearing how taaaall that was. –It was a shame we couldn’t get in last time we went because you were wearing a skirt, so this time wear those pretty new pants that I like-
-I will TaeTae-
After that you talked about your little nothings until you both got too sleepy to continue.
-Here it is- you said snatching the shirt from your closet. Luckily for you the pants were confortable but stylish, black harem pants that went perfectly with the white bottom up shirt with cute little black moles.
-You look so pretty jagi∼ you knew that? -
You laughed a bit embarrassed with Taehyungs cute antics. –Thank you Tae, you’ve already told me-
-Oh but it’s true! –
You two were walking hand in hand after riding the teacups, the amusement park was as you expected, crowded, loud and full of life. Taehyung and you already went through five rides and ate the mandatory cotton candy, his face ending up sticky and glossy.
-Look at me Y/N, I bet if you kiss me like this our lips will stick together- he said coming near you with that toothy smile. –Wanna see? -
-Yah! Kim Taehyung, you think you can kiss me just like that? -
He laughed but nodded sure of himself. –Kiss me jagi-
And you kissed him, soft and light, he held your hands and gave them a squeeze. His lips were sweet from all the sugar and just as he said were so stick that a “pop” sound came up when you pulled apart. He obviously laughed at this and you blushed.
-Let’s go to the roller coaster now jagi, it’s time-
He grabbed your hand and started walking to the attraction but you came to a point where you stopped him. He looked at you with confused eyes, waiting for an explanation. –Listen Tae… I have something to tell you-
His confused expression melted into a worried one, surely not understanding what was happening. –Tell me-
-Truth is that… I don’t want to go to that ride-
His face fell at you words, obviously disappointed, that was the thing you didn’t want. –But… why? –
Your hand touched your cheeks, hot from embarrassment. –I’m… afraid of them…so, yeah-
-What? You are… Y/N! You shouldn’t be, roller coasters are safe, and we’ll be fine you’ll see-
-I don’t think so! That horrible machine looks like a death trap! -
Taehyung stared at you in blank and then he bursts out in laughs. –Jagi! I can’t believe it! -
-That’s right laugh- you said a little bit hurt.
-No, no, it’s just that it’s funny, death traps, you think about the craziest things-
-You are one to talk-
He grinned at that because it was true. –Look, you have nothing to be scared of, and I really want to do this with you, please? -
You glimpsed from the corner of your eyes at your boyfriends face. That boy was so lucky he has so cute. –But I want compensation-
-Indeed my love, you’ll have it, what do you want? I’ll be yours in my next free day–
That peaked your interest and a smile escaped from your lips. –I want an anime marathon with a rerun of Bleach and Haikyuu-
-You got it jagi-
-AND… we are watching Ao Haru Ride too-
-No, that too? I don’t like too romantic dramas, you know-
You crossed your arms and huffed like you meant business. –Then the deal is off-
Taehyung sighed soundly and ran a hand through his hair. –Fine, deal. Now let’s get going-
Your turn was getting closer and closer, and by the time you notice you were going in the next round, so you inevitably started to panic.
-Can I get out? -
-Y/N! You said you would do this-
-Yeah but…- god you were scared, but at the same time you were feeling this rush go over your entire body, was it fear or excitement? –Never mind, I’ll do it-
Taehyung beamed at your resolution. –That’s my baby; this will be so much fun you’ll see-
-But you have to hold my hand every second of this-
He showed you his characteristic smile and intertwined your fingers. –It’s our turn-
The weird feeling never stopped and you could feel everything so magnified, the cold air going up the rails, the slightly wet sensation of Taehyungs hand, or was it yours? He was a giggling mess, enjoying the moment so much, why wouldn’t you do the same? So you decided to literally go with the ride and have fun with the experience, even though the other side of you was nervous as hell.
-Hold my hand Tae-
-I got you-
And then the roller coaster went down, and up, and upside-down, Taehyung lifted both of your hands, keeping them together, you screamed like a maniac he laughed like a kid. You were just about to go down from the tallest point when he spoke. –Listen carefully-
And it went down again, faster and steeper, your stomach dropped and your brain was pure adrenaline chaos, but in the midst of all that you could hear him scream. –Y/N IS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER! -
And just that alone, made all of this day worth it.


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So sweet!!! Ugh!
All these steamy BTS smuts oh my shit guh!
You are seriously killing me atm hahahhaa
I cant wait for Namjoon!!!!!!
I have a huge fear of going upside down on roller coasters, not sure why but I do. This was an amazing fluff story!
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